Hi gals! Is this cute? or Should I return it? I got it for 320.00

  1. Tell me your thoughts
  2. it's ok...I'm not completely in love with it though. Do you like it or was it more of a "I had to buy it because it was such a great deal" purchase? I tend to do that and then wish I had thought it through more.
  3. I think it is ok, although the color is not my fave..:smile:
  4. Heheh I bought it "because it was such a great deal"
  5. I wanted that in white when it came out, so I say keep it since autumn is around the corner.

    That's a really good price. Where did you buy it?
  6. Specifically I like how functional it is: easy to get in and out of, hangs from the shoulder well. It's a good every-day casual purse.
  7. for that price, keep it. it's a good color too.

  8. hehe...I think we are all guilty of doing that every now and then :smile: I think you should return it and save the money for something you really love.
  9. Not keen
  10. I think that if that buckle doesn't make it difficult to get in and out of, you should keep it. I like that color!
  11. Well, it's certainly an amazing deal and I like the color. But I just don't care for the style much. Sorry!
  12. For that price I say keep it!!!!
  13. What a bargain, if you think you're going to use it keep it, if not send it back. It might be cheap but not it just sits in your cupboard :smile:
  14. I like it! What are your thoughts on the bag? Do you see yourself using it? If not you should return it.
  15. Hmmm, I initially liked it because of the great price but the slanted zipper thingy kinda gets to me. I think its cute but I need some convincing! LOL