Hi gals I received my Fabulous MAB & Matinee

  1. Looks lovely on you. Enjoy your new purchases :smile:
  2. is that the morning after or the morning after mini?
  3. Yay, another bag-sister! I have the same exact Matinee. Don't you love it? They both look great!
  4. Love :yes::heart: your MAB in Mocha!:drool:
  5. both bags look great on you! ENJOY!!
  6. congrats! especially love the matinee on you!
  7. congrats!! they look awesome!!! i have to make a decision tomorrow between the MAM and the Matinee...how to choose?!?!?!
  8. Congrats they look great on you! Looooove RM!
  9. Congrats! :smile: Both look great on you!
  10. Oh, I love the mocha! Gorgeous! :drool:
  11. It is morning after not mini! The size is bigger than I expected but I still love it!:heart::heart:
  12. I love both of them...Matinee has more pockets and it is easy to separate my keys and cell phone! :tup:
  13. They both look great on you! And they're so cute next to HK :tender:
  14. both look great on you!