hi gals! can you choose my first WHITE bag for me? :)


which one is the bag when you see it and will think 'ah..i like that white cutie'?

  1. D&G

  2. KOOBA Elisha

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  1. hello~~!!
    i'm about to but my first white bag now.
    but i can't decide btw these two bags.

    1) D&G shoulder bag
    2) Kooba elisha bag

    which one do you prefer?
    which one is the bag when you see at the first time and will think 'ah..i want that bag'?? :yahoo:
    PLZ coose for me!
    i can't determine....:sad:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. I like them both! I have the Elisha in red-so you know I like that one! That said they are very different; one more formal and one more girly/slouchy. Whats the purpose for the bag? Everyday? Work? :smile:
  3. Nice choices! I like them both, but the D&G would do it for me. They are both beautiful, I've been eyeing the Elisha in Blonde(?) for a while now.
  4. I love both too! Like some of the others said, what do you plan on using it for? Everyday, evening, work, work and then going out, etc? Also, I see gold hardware on the D&G. I can't tell what color the hardware is on the Kooba; I am assuming silver. So, why don't you tell us more and then maybe we can help you out! :smile: Regardless, both are beautiful and either would be a great choice.
  5. The kooba has gold hardware too.

    I think it really depends on what you plan to use it for. I like them both. I think the Elisha has a younger, more casual look. The D&G bag is hip but more mature. You could use it for more situations like work.

    I would do a search and check out some posts on the Kooba in the Kooba forum. There have been a number of posts about the lighter colored Koobas getting stained easily. I was looking at the Nicole and that was an issue for me so I ordered it in a darker color.
  6. I think Kooba is better. Anyway, am not a fan of both brands.
  7. Ok, my vote is the D&G now because it looks like it would be easier to put on your shoulder if you needed to.
  8. I think ...
    when you carry the D&G everyone will notice that its a D&G bag ...

    the Kooba is great shap " I like it " but from the if u carry it , not everyone will notice that its a designer bag ! a kooba bag !

    it depands ,,,
  9. even though i'm an office lady, i do not prefer formal bag. to mention what i have now is
    1) LV cherry SPEEDY
    2) LV rainbow ALMA
    3) LV monogram PAPILLON
    4) Chanel black 2.55 bag
    5) Michael Kors bag something similar with BOOGIE

    that's it!
    can you figure out my bag type?
    now gals!
    what's your opinion?
    should i go for D&G? or KOOBA??

  10. I like the D&G bag... it's got a great shape to it.
  11. I like both really.. but there's something about the Kooba that really caught my eye. Maybe it's the cute knot detail, or the slouchy leather. I'd go for the Kooba but more as an everyday bag. The D&G looks a little dressier.
  12. They're both nice bags but I would choose the Kooba because it's more laid back looking. The D&G is more formal looking.
  13. I think D&G has more character.
  14. My vote is for the D & G.
  15. no competition, the D&G