Hi from Paris, LV or Chanel ??


Feb 28, 2006
Excuse my poor english....but I´m new here, I love this forum !!!
I took the decision to buy my first luxury handbag, and so to subscribe to share this with "connaisseuses" of fashion and bags !!
Hi to everyone in EU and Americas !!
So, I have a few questions to know you girls......
I know that I tend to save my money and spend it on holidays, but I have decided to spend it on a bag instead.....a classic timeless one.

How about you ? how do you organize your budget for it ?
And I want a 1st Classic that will not be "It´s sooo last year..." like a LV or Chanel, how about you girls who get the IT bags, what do you do with them the year after ???

And so..........Chanel or LV ?
The only pb with LV is that overhere, people tend to ask "is it a real one ??".........you got it....too many copies kill the real deal.

Can´t wait to read you:love:
-Oh and if you need info about Paris shopping, or Parisian people styles and shopping behaviour........I am here !!-
Hi Mellecyn! Welcome to the forum, you will love it. Although both brands are considered classic and timeless, I will pick Chanel. And regarding your other question... I try not to buy trendy "IT" bags if I know I won't be using them. (But hopefully in a few years that will change and I'll just be collecting handbags.:lol:) And if I want a more expensive bag, I try and sell some of my bags that I no longer use.

What kind of a Chanel or LV bag were you thinking of?
Hi Mellecyn and welcome!!! I vote Channel for a timeless classic. It's not as commonplace as LVs though I do like LVs too:smile:

With regards to "IT" bags some do have longer lasting appeal than just one season or one year. Take Balenciaga, for example. What, 5 yrs on? and still going strong.
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I don't like Channel handbags. Those quilted bags with the chain strap make me think of Doris Day in her little pastel suits, which is nice if you dress like that. If you dress up for work, a Channel is appropriate, but with jeans I think it looks weird. LV can be more casual but can still transition from day to evening.

But,,,, I love Channel Allure perfume and wear it every day. I also love their cosmetic line. I think they make the best lipstick.
I think Chanel and LV are classics also.

I used to carry Chanel 10 years ago, and still have the small quilted bag, looks just as good now as it did then! I think I will buy another Chanel in the next few months. I've always liked the caviar leather.

You can't go wrong with LV either - the Speedy is timeless.
Ah you lucky girl, welcome ! I wish I was in the fashion capital of Europe ! ;)

I would probably go with a Chanel, they're really classy bags and girls wear them far after their initial years of release as they are truly timeless. If you go with Louis Vuitton, it's a little more reasonably priced and there are some shapes that will never go out of vogue either, let us know what you decide !
Welcome!!! You'll love it here! I'll choose Chanel because it's a classic. As of LV, you can try to avoid the knock off looks by steering away from monogram and go for damier, epi and other LV lines.