Hi from Newbie! Just Ordered Smooth Black Sienna from Kooba!

  1. :yahoo:Hi, I'm a newbie to tPF, tho' not to Kooba bags. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and to share my excitement. I'd been waiting for my bonus at end April to get a smooth black sienna, and was soooo disappointed when it sold out on the Kooba website before April. Then today when I surfed the Kooba website, I found 1 available! Ordered it straight away but no confirmation yet, keeping fingers crossed. Now I have to think about selling my distressed black Sienna from NM, which I had bought because I thought I couldn't get the smooth one.
  2. yay, congrats!!
  3. We look forward to seeing the photos of your new smoothy.

  4. Oh wow, what a great find. Make sure you come back and show us some pics.
  5. Thanks! Yes, will definitely take pictures when it arrives, along with my other Koobas (right now I have a distressed Sienna, a chestnut ginger and a blonde elisha). Can't wait to touch the smooth leather!
  6. Hey there Joslla, I saw that bag back up on their site last night and I actually did put it in my shopping bag for a short time. (I think this may be the one that one of the forum members bought new from them just a couple of weeks ago and then decided to return?) I had sort of been stalking their site, waiting to see if it would pop back up and it did last night. Such a great bag; I'm so glad you got it!
  7. LOL, that was a black Sienna that I bought in just the same scenario! It just popped up on the site one night, and after the order, it was gone! They did send a confirmation right away, though, so you might want to give them a call about that.

    It's a gorgeous bag, but didn't work for me. You'll love it!
  8. My smooth Sienna arrived! The leather feels fantabulous! Here are the promised pics ;)
  9. Oops, had problems uploading, hope the pics show up now.
    Photo-0047.jpg Photo-0048.jpg
  10. Congratulations Joslla, it looks like you got a very sought after Sienna. Look after it and it'll look after you.
  11. I am so glad you're happy with her! And it's almost impossible to find a real one, so you did good! Enjoy!
  12. Congrats on that black Sienna, Joslla, very hard to come by!:yahoo: I have that bag in Ivory and Cognac, love them both:heart:
  13. gorgeous black Sienna! I've got the desert Sienna and I sure now wish I got the black instead...enjoy and hugs (and welcome to tPF!)
  14. I never had the opportunity to see the Sienna in black....just brown flower embossed......your bag is beautiful.....