Hi from Australia, and my B family photos

  1. Hi all,

    I joined this forum a while ago but never really got round to reading or participating, so I figured it was about time I said "Hi" :flowers:

    I'm a Balenciaga addict (that's a bit of an understatement, really!) and have collected a couple of B bags since I first got into it a few months ago. My lonely LV bags are now totally neglected :P

    Balenciaga's really uncommon here in AU, so I like the fact that no one recognises it, all they say is "Oooooh! Cute bag! I like the color", etc. It's nice to come online and see so many other fantatics :P

    I'm Beverly, by the way. And HELLO!

    1) Bag family with names
    2) Thought it would be polite to put a face to the name!
    Another photo with more of the family, but bad quality

    I have a gazillion close-up photos of all the individual bags, but I won't bore you all :P If you really want to see them for colour comparisions, etc, feel free to PM me.
    BfamilySmNames.jpg BtealCityBevHand1.jpg Bfamily1.jpg
  2. MY GOODNESS, Beverly!!! Oops, how rude.. sorry. 1st of all, WELCOME to posting, hehe. I see you joined before me, lol! I'm in Aus too! Nice to meet you. :flowers: And good to have another fellow Aussie Bbag nut! There are several of us here already. :angel:

    Secondly, WOW! Love your Bbag collection! Just smashing! I can see you like your blues and pinks! :amuse:
  3. Hi ho Beverly..
    greetings from our lovely though chilly capital..

    I am only new too (both to b-bags and to the forum) but I LOVE IT HERE!!:heart:

    everyone is so welcoming and its great to know that our bbag have aussie cousins to count on.

    I love your collection (turning :sick: with envy) and I am sure you will fit right in.

    my collection at the monment cosists of the following
    balenciaga3.jpg balenciaga4.jpg
    chloe2.jpg chloe handles.jpg

    welcome and feel free to pm for a chat anytime

  4. Hi Beverly. Welcome fellow Aussie! Woooooah, me likey your bags - just beautiful.
  5. Welcome Beverly! :flowers: Please enjoy obsessing over bbags with us. :yes:
  6. Holy moly!!!!! What a collections. Very amazing, i envy you!
  7. Hi myfashionpassion! WELCOME!! Great collection! I just realized that you're the one who bought my sky mini twiggy! are you enjoying it??
  8. Thanks for the welcome and WOO HOOOOOOO to seeing Aussies here! No one I know in real life understands the beauty, the glory, of B bags.. they just think I'm a whack job :rolleyes:

    mrsmac - isn't skyblue just the most divine colour? It's so sweet and goes so well with jeans, IMHO

    mocean - hey, it's a small world! Yes, I love the colour :smile: I just got the 05 Turquoise mini twiggy as well, i"m trying to decide which one I like more.. or if I should just keep both. Decisions, decisions! :roflmfao:
  9. My goodness! You've been hiding such a great collection from us for so long!
  10. hahaha i think those are my favorite kinds of choices though! you are still winning either way!
  11. ohh

    are you fashion passion???

    then you were my skyblue first's original mommy!! :biggrin:

    well you may want to read my thread about what I had to do to restore it!!

    (for other PFers I want to make sure that you know that I DID NOT get this bag from Bev..I got it from the next owner, who dodnt look after her half as well as she should have ..IMO)

    I am sure you looked after it beautifully.

  12. i love your collection and yay for another aussie!!!
  13. mrsmac - are you for real?! such a small world! I guess our B bags are an, *ahem* incestuous bunch.. haha :roflmfao:

    To be honest, your seller (ie. my buyer) was incorrect in their listing - THE BAG WAS NOT USED TWICE! :sad: it was definitely used, you can see my auction here: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9303527539&rd=1&rd=1

    I even enhanced the photos purposely, so that the close-ups would show the wear worse than it really was.. I'm sorry your seller made like it was in new condition, blech. And it had that lovely distinct B bag smell when I sold it to (mmm... leather..) - getting a big with ciggie smell is the WORST.

    Having said that, I think your restoration's so amazing, it's getting me excited now.. I want to go off and clean all my B bags!
  14. Hello and welcome Beverley!! Beautiful pictures of your bag family and of yourself...and thanks for the labels;those were very helpful to me:flowers: .
  15. hi, beverly! pewter city twin (well, no longer now...) i recognized your bags immediately from your LJ.

    welcome to the b-bag forum! this place feeds your addiction like none other!!