HI!!! from a Coach newbie in love with Tattersall! lol

  1. I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I'm usually in the LV and Chanel forums, but I'm newly obsessed with Coach! Right now I'm head over heels in love with the Tattersall print, and I've just bought the wristlet and large agenda in it! I also got the small makeup bag in brown in the Heritage stripe pattern, I think it's called. Next I really want the Tattersall umbrella and large tote, along with the bracelet and maybe some rainboots or shoes! I REALLY love it! And I think I'm going to get the Ali Legacy bag (is that the right name?) in Whiskey from eBay, as I've been in love with that bag since I first saw it.... Quick question: are Coach bags made as well as they were 20 years ago? The SAs who helped me today told me that if anything goes wrong with my agenda/wristlet, I can bring it in and they'll fix it for me! Haha, I was very excited about that! But can Coach bags "take a beating"? Do they stand the test of time?

    p.s. Just wanted to mention that I was treated 10x better today in the Coach store than I have EVER been in an LV or Chanel store! They actually come around the counter to hand you your purchase!!!:nuts:
  2. Welcome to the Coach Side.. Everyone on this side is wonderful and always gives advice is always sweet!!
  3. Welcome!!!! ;)
    We all love Coach here, so you are in great company!!! :tup: I think Coach is generally made very well and when there are any issues they definitely stand behind their product.. for the life of the product!!! :yahoo:
  4. ^Welcome to Coach!!

    I think the Legacy bags hold up especially well. I've been carrying a Legacy Shoulder Zip for the good part of the the last two years (or so) since the 65th Anniversary collection was launched and it looks as good as it did when it was brand new.
  5. thanks guys! quick question: I'm trying to find an authentic Ali on eBay...is there an authentication thread here? :shame:
  6. Hi and Welcome!! I came over from LV as well:p I just found out Coach has a lifetime guarantee so I am totally a lifer (life-er) however that is spelled:lol:
  7. ^yay! honestly, I feel so much more comfortable with Coach than I do with LV! And a lifetime guarantee? I had no idea - that's AWESOME!
  8. Welcome to this forum and to Coach! I don't think Coach bags have any equal. They are chic, timeless and well made.
  9. Welcome! Coach is well known for their excellent quality products and super duper customer service. The SAs (in my experience at least) have been wonderful and very friendly to me. In fact, this is one thing that I think Coach beats LV at. The SAs at the San Francisco LV store weren't that nice to me, especially when I wasn't dressed up a little. The Coach SAs are always sweet and kind. (Sorry to any LV lovers! I still like LV, just not their customer service sometimes.)

    There is a Coach Authentication Thread in the Coach Shopping subforum.
  10. Welcome to Coach! I love when the SA's walk around the counter too, it just makes your purchase that much more special. Congrats on all your goodies! I think you will find that Coach purses are very durable and can take a beating.:tup:
  11. I'm a little shocked they don't come around the corner in LV and Chanel w/ the price of those bags they should be walking you to the door..lol!
  12. ^I know! I was actually walked to the door once by an LV SA...but that was in Aruba!
  13. Welcome to COACH! :tup: You're going to really enjoy yourself over here. LV is great too and it's nice to branch out. You're on a roll with Tattersall!