Hi friends, URGENT!!! Should I return this Celine Trapeze Bag??

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  1. Just got this Celine trapeze, but I felt there is some tags are missing (kindly see the pic), normally Celine bag full set are comes with?? But I love this color!! So disappointed!!

    Thanks for you help. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466231035.916315.jpg
  2. This is what my bags normally come with - this was a recent purchase. Looks like just the care card is missing.

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  3. Hello, yes you're right, the care card is missing should I return this bag? The care card comes with any model number of the bag?
  4. Yes the care card is not bag specific. I wouldn't return a bag if this card was missing but if it bothers you perhaps you could ask for one
  5. There are no serial numbers or anything on it like at Chanel bags. I accidently threw the cards away after I bought my celine bag
  6. You could ask the store for a care card. I think it makes no difference at all if you are happy with the bag.
  7. As others have said, if you know it to be an authentic bag, the care card is probably the least important card to be missing. I'd say the most important tag (if reselling, etc.) would be the item tag which you have. And even if you didn't have the item tag, it wouldn't matter much, unlike Chanel's authentication/item card.
  8. You probably don't need it if you have no intentions of selling the bag in the future.
  9. Thank you all of you :smile:
    Depends on this color, it worth for keeps?

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  10. Hi friends, which one are you prefer?

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  11. I heard that the trapeze doesn't age well because of the flap. I'm not sure if there are any down sides on the belt bag, but it's a gorgeous bag.
  12. the care card contains the same information as the card that you received with the bag ( if i am not mistaken) plus some care instructions.it does not have any serial number or model on it. i will just keep the bag if i like it.
    i hope you'll enjoy your trapeze.it's beautiful!
  13. Hi, so i just keep the trapeze :smile: Thanks a lot!
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  14. Bag must be genuine more important
    The rest are not essential
    You can ask from store you bought from
    Maybe they forgot to pack
  15. Personally never a fan of the tricolor bags, but if it fits your aesthetic and you like the style, go for it!

    I would be wary of overstuffing the trapeze. Since the top handle is attached to the main flap, all of the weight of the bag strains the top flap (which is why I chose the belt over the trapeze, since there are holes at the top handles of the belt that attach to the inside of the bag, making it more sturdy and minimizing the sagging of the middle if there's stuff inside the bag.

    If I were you, I'd go back with your receipt if you have the chance and ask for a card (does Celine willingly hand these out for free? Idk. Probably not.) Better to have it than not, especially since who knows if they'll give you a care card 5+ years later when you're ready to resell the bag. In the event that you'd resell the bag, you're increasing the value of your resale and assuring authenticity to your buyer by having all the parts readily in hand.