Hi Folks

  1. I've been reading this forum for about a week now and have really enjoyed everyone's pictures and comments. I have a couple coach bags that I got on eBay this past year but today was my first trip to a coach store. I want to say thanks to everyone for the PCE info. I would not have known I could ask for a discount, if it wasn't for all of you. The manager was great and didn't seem to mind at all, but we did keep our voices down so the whole store wouldn't know(there were a lot of shoppers). I bought the clay legacy shoulder bag for myself and a lion key fob for my daughter. This was the most expensive purse purchase I have ever made! My daughters mouth fell open when she heard the total. She thought it was way to much money to spend on a purse. I pointed out that she easily spent that much on clothes in the last month, why not spend it on a purse. She's only thirteen and doesn't carry a handbag yet so she just doesn't get it. Anyway, thanks for the sale info. I can't wait to see my purse!!!!
  2. Congrats and welcome! Would love to see a pic of your new bag.
  3. Oh, the clay is just beautiful! Can't wait to see your new bag (and the lion). Welcome to our lair. :smile:
  4. Trust me, she'll get it, as soon as she see's more bags rolling in! My 9 yr loves her little demi fish/resort bag, now she's telling me she needs a charm and a wristlet! Hey, that's it get her a wristlet!
  5. I' ll post pics as soon as it gets here. My daughter had $200 of her own money to spend today and she wouldn't even consider spending it on a purse but she wasn't complaining when I offered to get her a keychain. Clothes are way more important to her right now. I'm guessing next year when she's in highschool she will change her tune. I don't even have the bag yet and I'm already planning the accessories I need to go in it.
  6. congrats on your purchase!! Post pics when it arrives :smile:
  7. Congrats on your purchases, and welcome to tpf! Your daughter will come around....show her all the beautiful pics on tpf....that'll do it! :graucho:
  8. congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the forum! I am sure if you keep working on your daughter, she will be coach lovin in no time :smile:
  9. Congrats on your new Legacy Clay Shoulder Bag! You really started out great making your first purchase a Legacy Bag. That is top of the line with Coach! Please post pictures when you get it. I am sure your daughter will become a Coach Girl in no time at all!:tup:
  10. Ha! That is so cute. I have an 11 year old daughter and she is now obsessed with Coach (thanks to you know who!), so consider yourself lucky for now! Show your daughter the Legacy stripes and she may just change her mind.
    WELCOME to tPF and please post pics of your yummy new baby!
  11. Congrats on the new bag! :yahoo: I agree with entheos, she might like a wristlet. She'll come around eventually. :yes: