Hi first post and question..

  1. I have a papillon 26 that I never use and want to sell. It is in excellant condition. How much are they going for? Thanks.
  2. Hi welcome to PF..
    You can search at eBay for completed listing so you can find out the average price this bag sold. Good luck
  3. I've heard of people looking at completed listings....how do you do this?

    Thanks! :yes:
  4. Hello and welcome to tPF....As long as you are positive that it is authentic then you could try to sell it on eBay, how many times did you use it? has the leather started to patina yet? You could try posting some pics and then someone may be able to help you out.
  5. Do an advance search, and check the "Complete Listings only" box beneath the drop down category list.
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  7. eBay is probably your best bet. BUT they have become really really strict lately with selling designer bags....they may shut down the auction unless you can provide a receipt or prove authenticity.
  8. thanks karman! i've been wondering how to do this too.
  9. welcome jennipuh! Ebay is definitely the place to go, just make sure you post clear pix of pap, and ask Ebay Live help if you are having concernts on what to include for the auction.
  10. Welcome to tPF, lvly808!

    I agree with the rest on checking eBay. Good luck!