Hi everyone !!

  1. Just wanted to introduce myself and express my feelings and obsession with PURSES. It's a sickness I can't get rid of. :love: My favorite designer is Coach.

    Here are just a few shots of the current bag I'm using now. This is one of my favorites because it's different from a lot of other designs and it's very roomy which I like. Not to mention all the compliments I've gotten on this while in public. :yahoo:


    And these shoes I just bought a couple weeks ago. I like them so far. :yes:


    Anyways, I'm excited to join this board and look forward to chatting with you guys.
  2. Hello there. :smile: I'm new too, but welcome to the boards. I love your purse! I really wish I'd been into Coach back when that one came out, because I recently saw the scarf print in pink and brown and almost died. It's so pretty!!!

  3. Thanks Stophle!

    If you were still thinking about buying one, I know people on eBay have some in auctions. And if my memory serves me correctly, the prices were pretty good too.

    I bought that purse this past summer and it came to $270 with tax. Sometimes I wish I would've waited and purchased one on eBay like I've done before. But oh well.

    When I walked out the store, I remember I couldn't wait to get home and switch bags. I was so excited. :yes:
  4. MzMissa welcome to the board. I love your shoes. How do the fit? What is the sizing like? I am really looking into these...they are beautiful.
  5. Welcome. Cute bag.

  6. Hi batgirl! The sizing is the same as regular US shoe sizes. And I love the way they fit. They're more comfortable than I thought they were going to be. I think it's worth the $90, so if you really want em', go for it. :nuts:

    I'm also considering to get them in the khaki gold as well.

    What color were you interested in?
  7. Hey there!

    This is a great place!

  8. Welcome!!! :yahoo:
  9. Welcome! You will really enjoy this forum.
  10. HI! Welcome!

    Great purse. I always have a soft spot for scraf print collection. Now question to you, How do you keep your scarf print purse/accessories clean? (And what do you clean it with?) I went to the outlet yesterday and almost bought myself the pink scarf print wristlet but they ones they have were all dirty. :sad:
  11. Welcome to tPF!!! I love the scarf print!!! :yes:
  12. Welcome Mzmissa!

    I Love The Purse & Shoes ! You Are Styling !
  13. Welcome! My mom has the scarf print in the large tote & she loves it! She is always getting compliments when she carries it. I love the scarf print. It's a good thing that she & I share bags sometimes, then I get to carry it too!!

  14. About a three weeks after I bought the purse, I called the store back and asked them how to keep it clean and erase all the marks. One of the employees told me I can just take a damp wash cloth with soap on it and rub it gently. I tried it and it works ok. It doesn't get every glitch off, but it definately makes a difference.
  15. Hi and welcome!