Hi everyone!

  1. I'm new to this forum and have found everyone's opinions and pictures very useful. If you guys don't mind, i would like to ask for some opinions on a bag.
    I bought a Multipli-Cite about 2 days ago and i found it too bulky and uncomfortable for my arms. I live in Toronto so I have to wear a thick winter jacket. Another problem is that i feel it is too big and bulky for shopping. So i was thinking about exchanging it for one of these:

    -Cabas Mezzo
    -Cabas Piano
    -Saleya MM
    -Popincourt Haut

    I like the BH but i prefer having a zipper.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. welcome!:welcome:
    the cabas piano and PH are smaller choices and the saleya MM and the cabas mezzo larger...how large do you need your bag to be?
    all great choices and i think you'll find them comfortable on your shoulder.
    i have the PH, but my fav is the cabas mezzo.....:love:
    good luck!
  3. My vote goes to saleya mm!!
  4. I like the look of the popincourt but the cabas mezzo may be the most comfortable for you.
  5. Welcome! I like the Saleya MM the best. :yes:
  6. Saleya or mezzo, would be my choices....but then again, I like bigger bags :smile:
  7. If only they made a Cabas which was right in between the Piano and the Mezzo, that would be a perfect size for me.

    I was looking for a bag that was a good size for shopping and for everyday use.

    I like the Cabas mezzo but i'm afraid it's a little too big and might be hard for me to look for my keys.

    The Popincourt Haut is really cute but it's a little small and i'm not sure if i can fit alot in there.

    The Saleya MM seems a little wide, and i'm not sure if it's going to be too big and uncomfortable for shopping use.
  8. I have a piano and I love it. Its the perfect size for me and keeps me from overstuffing my bag with stuff I don't need.
  9. welcome
  10. Cabas Piano would probably be much more comfortable because of the thinner straps.
  11. Welcome! How about a Petit Noe? Very comfortable on the shoulder, and roomy.
  12. Cabas Piano would be an idea size.
  13. saleya mm and welcome :flowers:
  14. I'd say Cabas Piano or Saleya MM
  15. saleya mm or popincourt haut!