Hi everyone!

  1. I Just wanna share some bags that I treasure the most. I love Gucci Bags. But right now I only have Gucci, TUMI, Coach and Dooney and Bourke, Lacoste and Franco Sarto. ;)
    bag 6.jpg bag 8.jpg bag 11.jpg bag 10.jpg bag 12.jpg
  2. Beautiful bags...welcome to TPF!
  3. Nice designs and colors. Welcome!
  4. moving to the Bag Showcase where photos of collections belong. . . .
  5. beautiful collection! welcome!!
  6. What a cute collection, love the way you set up the photos!
  7. welcome!!!!
    hope you will join us in the LV world soon!!

  8. Cute collection! I love the Dooney and Bourke!
  9. Lovely collection :smile: thanks for sharing!
  10. Welcome! Adorable collection and great presentation!
  11. Great collection.
  12. Adorable collection!
  13. I like that Gucci bag!
  14. wow! great presentation!
    you have a nice collection!
    thanx for sharing :yes:
  15. Welcome! very cute collection, so nice and girly :tender: Love your Gucci and Dooney!