Hi everyone

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  1. Hi Everyone. I just wanted to say hello. I love Chanel and Rebecca Minkoff. Although, I have neither.
    I am new, and want to learn about the bags.
    Hopefully I will acquire my first chanel and RM bag .
    I have LV, and love them.
    I hope to have fun:yahoo:
  2. Welcome NicolesCloset! The girls on this forum are wonderful and they will steer you in the right direction for your first RM!!
  3. welcome! after you see all the goodies RM has to offer, i'm sure you'll have your very first one in no time!
  4. Welcome! You will love it here, I love the RM thread and all the girls here :party:
  5. Welcome! You will love it here, the girls are all wonderful. :yahoo:
  6. Hello Nicolescloset and all the wonderful tPFers at RM! I love Chanel and RM too... and I'm new as well! Well to RM at least... I've been lurking at the RM forum... secretly trying to decide which will be my first RM bag...
  7. Welcome now on to the good stuff what color are you thinking about?
  8. Welcome NicolesCloset and Jeshika!! Isn't it hard deciding on your first RM? There are jst so many colours to choose from!
  9. I like the matinee but I also like the nikki bag that lauren conrad has. And the morning after bag mini too. Its so hard
  10. Welcome Nicolescloset and Jeshika :flowers: You gals will love it here... We've got the nicest, most helpful, generous, and kindest ladies in this forum...

    As for your first RM. Wowee, very difficult choice as there are so many colors and styles... We'll be getting a preview of next season's colors and styles some time next week (with pre-orders available), so there will be even more choices to come!!

    You guys are getting in at the height of the frenzy! Oh and don't worry if after your first RM you decide you need another one... We all do that here!!! ;)
  11. Welcome Ladies!! You are going to have so much fuuuuunnnn!!:party:
  12. Glad you joined us ladies. :balloon: I'm pretty new as well and have found the ladies on the forum ABSOLUTELY fabulous and giving of their knowledge :woohoo::woohoo:. You are sure to have lots of fun.

    As far as which bags, there are many bags and many colors so read the posts and before long you will become an addict as they are and as I am becoming. I'm starting to dream of the Wine Nikki which is sad :whistle:.
  13. Hi everyone
  14. Welcome ladies!
  15. welcome nicole!