Hi everyone!

  1. I'm new to the "Coach Forum" - I've spent most of my time in LV and Chloe and just recently reaquainted myself with Coach. I use to be a Coach fanatic years ago and last week I found myself in the local Boutique drooling over the new styles.

    Anyway - I was wondering if any of you Coach ladies could help me find the name and style number of a bag I saw on someone a few months back.

    I'll try and describe it. It was a satchel, similar in size and shape to the Legacy satchel. But instead of the clasp in the front, it had a long strap with a bunch of oversized eyelets on it with a turn lock closure. I don't remember if it had pockets too. It was a grey color.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, any pics?

  2. Sounds like the Lily (Lilly?) I'll find a pic for you....

    ETA: is this it? (forgot to add it's #11150)

  3. Hi and welcome!!

    Your description does sound like the Lily, except the Lily is much bigger than the legacy satchel. Also, I didn't think that Lily was being made in clay (grey), but when I ordered mine, my SA said it was showing in Clay, but there were none available for ordering.

    How I would love to see a Clay Lily! I probably would have ordered Clay instead of Whiskey had it been available!
  4. Thanks ladies...I was going crazy trying to find something in the archives on this bag!! Yes this is the one!!
  5. That bag is beautiful.