Hi everyone!

  1. I haven't been at TPF for a while, trying to be good! Anyway, I had a quick question. My SA called and left a message saying that the Fall pieces are coming in and there's a denim bag I might like. I'm afraid to call her back (but I will anyway.) Anyone know what this might be?
  2. Why affraid ? It'll be great if you know first than us ;)
  3. OH NO!!!!!!! I'm in trouble. I really love this bag!!!!!!
  4. Ha! Get one then...treat yourself!
  5. Oh MY!!! Those are hot bags!!!! And, Jill's twins!!!! wowza.... I loveem both! get it!
  6. Neo Cabby!!!
  7. most likely the denim neo cabby. they come in both black denim and regular blue denim. they are amazing bags!!!!
  8. Gorgeous bags!!!!!!! Go for it!! I got the black one and LOVE it!
  9. I love the Cabby, hope you get one!
  10. Denim cabby in black is gorgeous!
  11. Wow, black is nice but $1500 for denim?????:confused1:
  12. I :heart: those! This is the first time I've seen pics of them.
  13. Gorgeous babies, eh??