Hi everyone!

  1. I am not sure whether I've said hi to everyone in the Chanel forum.

    So... HELLO everyone. I'm new here and I don't have a Chanel bag. I'm thinking of getting a classic clutch but there's no Chanel store in Perth, Australia. So, eBay is the only way at the moment.
  2. Hi Edz.. i'm new myself hehe

    Why dont you call Chanel boutiques in UK, they ship international.. i hope you find it there :smile:
  3. Hi Hermes Junkie,
    Thanks for the tip! I ddn't know they do that!
  4. Welcome EDZ !!!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    This place is great and all the ladies are WONDERFUL !! and BAGERRIFFIC !!!
    There are a few ladies from Austraila in here- although I forget whom whom they are..
    THey post all the time- they will soon see your post and have much advise to give you..
  5. Hi and welcome, Edz! I hope to visit Australia someday!
  6. WELCOME Edz!:flowers:
    Hope you find your clutch!:yes:
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Chanel :biggrin:
  8. Hello and welcome.:smile:
  9. Welcome Ladies!
  10. welcome! :flowers:

    personalshoppers on eBay has a few clutches at the moment
  11. Hi Edz & Hermes Junkie!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed you'll get the clutch. If you hang out here enough, pretty soon you'll have more than just one Chanel...:graucho:
  12. Hello and welcome! :yahoo:

    Good luck with your search for your first Chanel!! If you're looking on eBay, don't forget to post the auction links in the Authenticate This thread in the Chanel subforum to make sure that they're authentic before you bid! :yes:
  13. Good luck. I'm sure that you'll find what you are looking for.
  14. Hi Edz, Welcome!!:smile:
  15. Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll find your Chanel clutch soon - which I have no doubt you will with the help of all the wonderful ladies (and gents!) here!

    I live in 2 countries with no Chanel either, so I completely understand you ;)