hi everyone -question about a Tig!

  1. hi ladies,

    hope some of you handbag mavens can answer a question about a gorgeous Tignanello bag I recently purchased online (my first one!).

    The leather is buttery, the stitching & seams are perfect, the hardware & tag are pristine, the lovely patterned cotton lining was an unexpected bonus. But . . . I noticed on the inside there's a little white tag that says MADE IN CHINA! I have run my eye over all the features of the bag quite a few times since it was delivered this morning, and it is a high quality product, with good workmanship that looks authentic in every detail. So tell me; have I unwittingly purchased a very good fake (if so it's the best i've ever seen) or are Tigs actually manufactured in China?

    i won't rest til someone can shed some light on this

    thanks ever so much,
  2. Tigs are made in China. i boguht won and it wore out really quickly. the leather straps started cracking apart. i finally just threw it away, but i mran, i used it everydat for like 9 months.
  3. thanks for getting back to me gabz, it's good to know it's not a fake!

    still, a little disappointing, made in China doesn't have quite the same cachet as made in Italy, although I suppose the majority of houses manufacture in Asia now. Thanks also for the tip on your straps wearing out quickly, i'll make sure to put a protector on mine.
  4. i did protect it acutally, i think the stuff along the edge of the strap wasnt leather. interesting tid bit- tigs are made by kathy van zeeland.
  5. Hi Snow, I think that you have the real thing! I have two Tig bags and both of them have a little white tag on the side..inside..made in china, genuine leather. I haven't used them in quite a while. Gee, they seem so small and lightweight as I'm now carrying larger and heavier bags. You reminded me...I ought to use them every now and then. Tig bags are really quite nice for the price. I'm glad that you're happy with your new bag.
  6. Most popular brand bags in this price range ($50-$500) are made in China. Coach, Dooney, Kate Spade...all made in China. If you want made in Italy, I would suggest you look around TJ Maxx. They get in bags from all these little known Italian leather goods makers. Either that or try a higher end designer like Marc Jacobs.