Hi, Everyone: Please meet my pewter Daphne! (kinda long)

  1. Hi, all:

    Am new to the forum, mostly hang around other threads, but I have to post this to properly introduce my Daphne to you all, and as my induction to the Coach thread....

    I have been searching for this particular Daphne for the past year. I am not a fashionist. Call me a "late boomer", if you will. It usually will take me a couple of seasons to nurture my love for a bag. So, of course, when I saw this bag, it had already disappeared from both the boutiques and the outlets....Oh, well, I had thought that this bag is forever gone from me. And, to find a replacement, thus begins the chase after the "perfect"pewter bag. I tried, but none worked....until I discovered this forum.

    Discovering this forum is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing knowing that I now have a chance to own this beauty, cursed so that going to bed every night, tossing and turning, afriad that the bag will pop up and be bought by another ebayer before I even had the chance. Days passed in fear and in hope. Armed with knowledge of the forum, I comb eBay everyday for this bag, and finally......GOT IT!:yahoo:

    My lovely Daphne arrived today in perfect condition, and I have to share it with you all! Although I have not posted much in the Coach thread, I would like to thank everyone here. Without you guys and gals, this will not have been possible! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!:cutesy:

    And, pics for rest of my coach collection. Thank you for reading!
    100_0760.JPG 100_0754.JPG 100_0756.JPG 100_0757.JPG
  2. WOw, amazing collection!!!!
  3. I love your Daphne!!! I am a sucker for pewter bags and have been admring the Daphne for a long time. Congrats!!!!
  4. I LOVE this color, and the satchel shape is beautiful. I'm so glad you found the bag you love. Enjoy it, and don't keep her in the closet!
  5. Most definitely! Will now wear her with matching color Coach shoe...and the rest of my shoes...
    100_0751.JPG 100_0752.JPG 100_0753.JPG
  6. I love the braided strpas on this bag! It stays on so much better! The Daphne is just great. Congratulations!:tup:
  7. She's yummy!!! :drool:
  8. I. Am. So. Envious. I wondered who bought that out from under me ;) I absolutely LOVE that bag.
  9. I love the pewter! What a versatile color!