Hi everyone! My first MJ evah!!

  1. Found this a NM Last Call Sale and I totally love the softest leather in the history of mankind! :yahoo:

    Hope you ladies enjoy viewing!

  2. That bag is beautiful! :love: What a great find! Congrats on your first MJ. :happydance: Probably your first of very many more to come. Also what LC location did you find that bag at?
  3. congrats! it looks cute!!
  4. Congrats! I almost bought this bag last summer, I had my hands on it and you're right the leather is phenomenal!!
  5. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  6. So adorable, that's the wham bag correct? Looks smooshy!
  7. congrats! im sure you'll be a addict like everyone else now ;)
  8. Congratulations!! Wear it in good health :smile:
  9. Ohhh, yup I likey this bag!! What color is this called? Very nice!
  10. That is really cute! Congrats on your first MJ!
  11. Wham leather satchel, color "Dumbo" and to respond to others, yessss it is smooshy! Deliciously so!

    thanks guys!
  12. Congrats!! So cute!!!
  13. Very cute!!! I love it.
  14. That's a wonderful first MJ! Congrats! I swear you can see how soft the leather is from the photo.
  15. It looks deliciously "smooshy!" Congrats!!