Hi, everyone..^^! May I ask some questions...?

  1. Hi, everyone!

    I have been posting Hermes section so far. It's my first thread in other desingers section outside Hermes section... So, I am little nervous (?)...? Hehe...I know all the forum members here are very friendly and helpful.

    Okay...this is my thing...I have been buying everything(literally everything like clothings, jackets, coats, bags, wallets, shoes, scarves, shalws, ties, bathing...etc whatever Hermes produce) from Hermes only for a long time.

    All of sudden, I have craving for LV. I don't know why....(maybe mood swing...hehe). This is my dilema...Does anyone have experience with nomade line...? I am looking at Nomade Speedy...What do you guys think? I like the fact that nomade line is all leather and will build patina over time. I know there are more LV lines with full leather. Suhali has too much metal(?) thing is going on...(too shiny...?)

    My second consideration is epi Speedy. What is your opinion on it?

    Which one would you recommend..? Nomade or epi Speedy...? Pros & cons for each one? Please help! I am about to cheat on Hermes, but I don't know any better what to buy!

    OR any other LV-bag recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I don't own any of the nomade pieces so I can't help you there but I love the epi speedy and it just went DOWN in price! No better time to get one!
  3. DOWN....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Wow! I thought price always goes up, not down! How strange!
  4. Can't help you with the nomade but you can check it out on eluxury.com
  5. I, personally, would go for the epi line. The nomade leather is gorgeous but I think it's a hassle to take care of. The epi line is practically worry free, it takes a lot to scratch it or leave a mark on it. I think Crochetbella bought a nomade piece, at least I think she was considering one. She can probably answer you better.
  6. Yes, the speedy 35 went down from $935 to $890! :yahoo:
  7. They have a 35? Or did you mean the 30?
  8. I bought a couple of stuffs from chanel early this year. But I ended up getting ride of them. But I want to buy LV bag that I can use it for a long time and give it to my daughter when she grows up...I really don't want to buy somethings and sell them b/c I end up not using it. So, I want to be very careful this time.

    Any timeless LV design recommendations will be appreciated it. I am not limiting myself only for Speedy!
  9. are you only considering epi and nomade? did you think about the damier line as well? the damier speedy is so cute! it will last for a long time and will definitely still be beautiful when you daughter grows up. :yes:
  10. Thank you for your suggestion! But I heard damier speedy or mono speedy sags if you put your stuff in...Is it true? Because of the sagging issue I am considering nomade or epi!

    I have been looking at eluxury and vuitton.com crazily last a couple of days! But I am still lost!

    Please give me a recommendation for any line in any design you have/had a good experience! Thanks!
  11. I really really think nomade looks so classy and beautiful. Def. get it if you love it. Imo It is much more unique than epi.

    And I'm sure it will be tdf after many years.
  12. Hi Aspen!!! WEll, as a fellow pursuer of Hermes, I can tell you that the reason the LV bags appeal to me so much is simply because of their variety. I mean I know Hermes has many colors, but they are all leather bags and very demure and conservative, KWIM?

    I have a EPI Speedy and LOVE it!!! It doesn't sag at all when you put your stuff in it. I also have the sag issue and for my damier speedy, I made a cardboard bottom for it. I made the cardboard out of an old school book cover and then sewed a nice piece of felt around the cardboard. It works awesome!! And took me like all of 10 minutes to do!!

    I love both my speedy's and have another Epi speedy coming as we speak!

    This is my problem too between LV and Hermes, I am supposed to order my Kelly this Dec, and I'm going to, it's just that I don't know that I'm going to like using the same bag all the time, I love the variety that LV offers. Good luck with your decision!!
  13. Hi Aspen! :yahoo:
    The Nomade line is gorgeous! Yep, I'm thinking about getting a Nomade Alma or Lockit after I get the Chanel Cerf (which is what I'm saving for now). Nomade is kind of like box where it scratches easily but builds up a beautiful patina over time. You do have to be careful with it. In the Suhali I love the Lockit...it doesn't have too many metal studs...it's really gorgeous. :love: The LV bags I have right now are the Speedy 25, Recital and Damier Saleya PM. I love all of them so much, they are great bags. I don't have any Epi pieces yet. But I'd love to get something in red. :smile: I have to say out of all the bags I own (including Hermes) my mono Speedy 25 is my favorite. :flowers: I use a purseket in mine and it doesn't sag at all.
  14. I think epi leather is worry and maintenance free (compared to nomade) so I would go with epi.:yes:
  15. Are you only looking at speedy? So many styles to choose from...browse through e lux or vuitton for some ideas....then get to a store ;) I bet you will find at least one bag you love!

    I love the nomade too, but it is very hard to care for!