hi everyone- i'm new!

  1. hi everyone at tpf!
    I love louis vuitton (favoritee) and chanel (it's irresistible)! i'm in school still and love things that are cute, bright, colorful and shiny, so i'd have to say my favorite louis vuitton line is the vernis! I love the framboise, fuchsia, and pomme and have to say that my love for louis really took off after getting my little hands on a cute little fuchsia vernis greene. I love that little thing :smile:

    my mom is a collector of pieces too, she has a closetful of chanel that she shares with me and i'm so blessed to have a mother that I can share my love for louis and chanel with :smile:. going through her closet with my mom is like shopping in a mall! she tends to pick things up that are limited and unique, most recently a miroir gold papillon, peforated pink speedy, and neo cabby (from the 5th ave store when we went with our family to live on fifth avenue for two weeks). I also love her cerises speedy :smile: for all the mothers on tpf, i'd just like to say that my mother is my hero, and she always tries to make sure that i'm happy, and I know that you do the same for your sons/daughters and that they appreciate you every minute too. we love spending time together through shopping.

    another thing that I feel so lucky about is that all of my friends love louis vuitton and chanel and shopping as much as I do! they understand how great this whole little world is and we can share it together. as my birthday present last year, all of them together bought me a cles. I love them :smile:

    as far as my little growing collection is concerned, I love things that are bright pops of color and little accessories. if I had to name a favorite of my collection, it would be my louis vuitton pomme heart coin purse that I got on the launching date in 2007.

    picture 1: some of my mom's pieces, her gold miroir papillon and cerises speedy
    picture 2: mom's neocabby we bought on 5th avenue
    picture 3: my little loved collection
    -bubble earrings
    -framboise koala
    -fuchsia greene
    -perforated orange cles
    -monogram pm bosphore
    -mc bow bracelet
    -pastilles keychain
    -multicolore port monnaie plat in black
    -pomme heart purse
    -not pictured (but it's in my signature, the denim trousse raye pouch)

    I love all my pieces and I think I want some fuchsia denim soon :smile:

    i've been learning from and looking at tpf for a while, and I have decided to join. it's another thing that my mom and I love doing- BEING PART OF TPF!
    i'm looking forward to being welcomed into the louis vuitton family of tpf!
    mini mommy collection.jpg mini mom neo cabby nyc.jpg mini collection pic.jpg
  2. Welcome! The pics are teeny, but from what I can see, your collection is really nice!
  3. Wow! Great pieces, both of you :graucho:

    Welcome to tpf :yahoo:
  4. oops just realized they're that tiny, but i'll work on that for the next posts
  5. i want something thats chanel
  6. WELCOME!!! TO TPF.......You collection looks great!!!:tup:
  7. welcome! great collection!
  8. HI THERE!! welcome to TPF!;) ,, please be aware that TPF is hazardous to ur bank account :p
  9. welcome!!!
  10. Welcome, great pic's/
  11. Super collection! You're off and running into the world of LV. Welcome to tPF.
  12. Welcome!!!
  13. Welcome! :yahoo:
  14. Welcome to tPF!!!:yahoo: So glad to hear your story about you and your mom's love of bags. You're in good company here because we are bag fanatics. Share some more pics of your collection as it grows and any stories and/or questions you might have. Glad to have you here!
  15. welcome!