Hi Everyone! I'm new & can't wait to chat about bags! Why do they feel SO GOOD?

  1. Hi Everyone! What a great forum! :yahoo: I tried clicking on the link to "introductory thread" but to no avail.. I'm not that great on computers..:shame: . I wanted to say hello, and introduce myself : I am totally addicted to bags! :graucho: And spend most all my hard earned money on them. I have a growing collection of mostly Hermes (Birkins are my favorite, but I also adore the Kelly, the Trim and the Plume oh and the scarf bag they make too!)and also collect some fabulous other brands ( as well as vintage croc clutches): Balenciaga, Chloe, Bracher Emden, Classic & special LVs, certain Dior, classic Loewe, Ralph Lauren, and yes, sometimes I fall in love with "cheap" bags that I think are just great, the Gap and Zara make some fabulous ones!... I detest fakes, or, rather it’s counterfeits I can’t stand, because I can understand that many of us can’t afford the “real” thing.. and buying the TopShop or H&M version is fine in my mind.. I just hate it when people try to pass counterfeits off as real.
    What else? I’m thrilled to find a spot to discuss bags! :yahoo: My husband says I can’t stop talking about them :P and it drives him nuts.. he thinks it’s very superficial of me … and ok, it is.. :s but it feels SO good! :love:
    Anyway my thread has to be about something right? So here goes: All you ladies seem quite learned and bright, may I ask what you think it is in the “bag” in particular that makes up feel so good? Shoe fetish has a physical explanation to it.. but bags? Why is it that we regard our bags like prized possessions? Why do “we take them out”- seriously, sometimes I’m just going out for groceries, but I take my mushy 35 cm Birkin electric blue Birkin because I almost feel like it needs to be “walked”, taken out… (unfortunately I never find anything to wear it with..(the color is a bit “out there” which is why I’m convinced it feels neglected).
    Anyway, if anyone wants to share ideas on WHY it is we love bags so much.. I’d love to hear from you!
    ( & I hope I did this correctly I'm new to this forum thing... if I didn't pls forgive and give me tips on how to do it right)
    Peace & love 2 u all :heart:
  2. Welcome to the PF! THis is one place where you can talk non-stop just about bags!!! We are all obsessed!

    What is it that makes us feel so good? That is a great questions. I think when it comes to Hermes, part of it is the outstanding craftsmanship and materials, but also the hunt. We all know that these bags are not easy to acquire, so when we finally get our birkins/kellys- it is exhilarating!!!
  3. Welcome! I totally second JAG here. I love that Hermes appeals to all the senses. We'd love to see pics of your collection if you would like to share!
  4. I really don't know why we have such a love for our purses, possibly because we carry them and love them on a daily basis, and they don't argue and roll eyes at us??!!! Lol....good question though -- it's a part of fashion - style, quality...and it's just who we are! Welcome!!
  5. For me a I love the leathers, the colors, the way the hardware is placed on the bag and the sizes.

    I'm a Kellybag girl at heart, though I do have a Birkin.
  6. WELCOME TO PF! i myself just started a few days ago and i feel so right at home!
  7. OMG! thx for answering so fast! :smile: this place is great!!! I can tell I'm going to get NO work done today! And have SO much to do aye... will the PF be as addictive as the Hermes?:wtf: probably... I fear:love:
    Greentea & Jag, you guys are great! I read some of your posts! Ok. With Hermes there’s the fact that even if someone loves your bag, it’s very very satisfying knowing they can’t just run out and get one.. like with a Coach etc… I have a few acquantances ( not friends) that ALWAYS run out to buy whatever I'm wearing, so whenever I see those particular women, I actually plan my outfits acordingly, like I'll only wear vintage peices or something from past seasons that they can't just go and buy. The leathers on Hermes drive me crazy! I love to touch them, take care of them, touch up the corners myself etc..., I actually often “pet” my Birkin in the car sitting next to me… LOL Also, the craftsmanship is just amazing! When I first got hooked on H, I actually asked a friend to introduce me to a craftsman who cold explain the whole process to me.. it was thrilling! I had purchased a Kelly bag at a consignment shop in Paris ( used) and wanted to know if it was real… he explained EVERYTHING to me.. it took like 2 hours, it was like a lesson in Hermes!
    So, back to the thread at hand: Why do they feel so darn good? :graucho: Is it the exclusivity – non-availability of the H bags that make us want them so bad? :rolleyes: Are we that immature that it’s like wanting the only table at a restaurant that isn’t available?:graucho: I don’t know… I think it might have to do (maybe) with the fact that a Birkin preceeds us in a room. Do you know what I mean? It’s like when a woman walks into a room, her bag’s out in front of her, like a shield almost- and it’s almost like her “calling card”. I know my husband likes to arrive at an appointment in his car.. instead of taking a cab.. and I think it’s essentially the same thing.. like the bag “represents” us in a way.. it “speaks” for us. Do you know what I mean?:angel:
  8. Absolutely, Lucy.......very well said! I LOVE each bag that I own....I can't imagine parting with any of them! I enjoy choosing which one to use on any given day.....I especially love my vintage beauties (have two so far and on the hunt for more!!!). I can be wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt and by carrying a Kelly, I feel totally GROOMED! Even if my hair is standing on end!

    It's a blessing and a curse to love Hermes. A blessing because it teaches us what quality and craftsmanship is all about....a curse because it's ADDICTIVE!!!!!
  9. Welcome Lucy! I love the feel of my Evelyne's Clemence and I pet her all the time too. :lol: Also the color (Blue Jean) makes me smile and brightens up my day. :flowers:
  10. What a wonderful analogy. It applies to all manner of bags, too, not just Birkins (though one could argue that the Birkin would be the ultimate example, like rolling up in a Bentley). I'll need to remember this one for the next time my BF bugs me about the handbag addiction. I buy bags to speak for me! I do totally feel like my bag, more than anything I'm wearing, announces me to the room. And I can just scale the volume on that announcement by which bag I carry. :jammin: :P
  11. Welcome Lucy! Can't wait to see pix of your collection--especially your electric blue Birkin--our bags could be twins!!
  12. Welcome again to tPF Lucyinthestars! Hope you feel at home chatting with us about all things Hermes! :biggrin:
  13. :smile: Welcome to TPF!!!
  14. Hi Lucy! Welcome to the forum :smile:

    I have a theory about our love of bags! Bags please all sorts of people - unlike clothing. For example, I gained about 20 lbs in the year after my DH passed away, and for the longest time, I couldn't even get excited about "retail therapy" - in fact, clothes shopping bummed me out for a while there, as I couldn't fit into those skinny jeans anymore :crybaby:

    But bags? Ah, now that's something that's always made me SMILE and forget about my troubles! Whether your thin or heavy, tall or short, rich or poor - it doesn't matter, there's a bag that will put a smile on your face!!! And HERMES bags - ah, just a work of art IMHO ;)

    Welcome once again!
  15. Bah!! I HATE skinny jeans!! I'm convinced that only a very very small group of women can fit into those things. No matter how much weight I lose, I'll never look good in them because of my darn hips! I miss the low-rise boot-cut jeans!!!

    Anyways ... bags ... I agree with you Lisa, it fits everybody. It's definitely a statement and in my opinion, it serves as a shield for me. I know it sounds sad but I used to be pretty darn intimidated about going into any high end retail stores. Ever since I have Hermes, I don't feel so timid anymore.