Hi everyone, I need to have a whinge...


Oct 15, 2006
I just missed out on this lovely 07 Vert Gazon First. I was trying to communicate with the seller, but with no reply. Now it's SOLD to someone else!!! I am even selling my Truffle First so I can get this bag! I know the asking price was a bit high, but I live in Australia and we can't get this color here yet. SOOOO disappointed :crybaby:
Kite girl , did you try calling Barneys NY? I think they ship internationally. Also, try e mailing this seller again, she might be able to get another one, this happened with my sister, and she got her another caramel Balenciaga bag after my sister missed out on the one she had listed. Don't worry, more will be popping up everywhere soon!!! Good Luck!!
i am also from australia. you can order direct from balenciaga NY $70 for shipping and $995 for the first, so still cheaper for you than buying from personalshoppers.

also aloha rag but don't think they are getting their colours in till late jan.
Hi Kitegirl,
Has the bag been relisted ?? You should have a check to see if it has as it looks like it has been ?? All the best of luck with getting the bag you are sooo in love with !! :o)
Kitegirl im sure ur gonna grab your vert very soon there will be plenty of them and for a better price ! i know its hard to wait even a week or two longer to buy your dream bag but it will be worth it ! :yes:
BalNY charges only $70 for int'nal shipping? I used to buy from BarneysNY and they charged me $100 for int'nal shipping and on top of that I had to pay customs!! Until I found tPF, I didn't know about AR, so I'm gonna try AR for my next Bbag. Kitegirl, if you can wait, AR will ship for free.
I love this forum. Thanks for all the nice comments. I have missed out on so many lately, I need a "whinge" (thought I'd add that for Rondafaye) every now and then. I guess it gives me time to reflect on colors and if I am still thinking about them when trying to do to sleep, it means I love them! He he!! Vert Gazon is still "up there" for me and I think Marine is nicer IRL than the Ink (I saw one today...)