Hi Everyone! I need suggestions for my sister's birthday!

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new and quite shy! :shame: but I have to do it.

    It's my sister's birthday and I thought it would be a great idea to get a LV accessory for her :yes:

    I can go up to $400.
  2. Azur pochette!!
  3. Or the monogram pochette, your sister is so lucky!!!
  4. Ok thhank you! but I know what is a monogram lv but what's azur?
  5. That's the pattern on the speedy in my avatar :smile: It was just released on nov. 1st so it's all the rage.
  6. do you want accessories or bags? how bout a belt? or a scarf? its starting to get cold (from nyc) so that could come in handy. or a bracelet or something? i thnk that anything from you to your sister would be perfect!
  7. what about a Wapity?

  8. I prefer a symbolic piece of leather good she will turn 17
  9. She said something with cherries on it. I'm not quite sure what it is
  10. She means the cerises line, that was a limited edition that I think is mostly sold out by now, too bad as it's really cute.
  11. I think a pochette would be a great piece! Such a lucky sister!
  12. :yes:
    i agree, either in mono, damier or damier azur..........
  13. If you want cerises it is now discontinued, however with everyone's help on the forum though I am sure you will be able to find an authentic, mint and brand new cerises piece on ebay, however it will cost around 400-500 USD for a pochette (pochette is a very small accessories case that many young girls who dont carry TOO much also use as purses) or something along those lines.
  14. Do you thhink I can still find this pochette direct from the store?
  15. Yeah, your best bet for a cerises purse would be ebay. I think u can get a pochette in a good pre-loved condition for your budget, but u'd have to shop around a fair bit and don't forget to put up the auction in the "authenticate this" thread in the forum for the experts to take a look before bidding. If u want something brand new, maybe a cerises cles or rond for a little less than ur budget...good luck with your search and must add that ur sis is really lucky! :tender: