Hi everyone...I listed my authentic LV cerises 25 and got suspended

  1. Hi everyone...:shame:
    I was really upset. How can this happen? A lot of fakes are selling but I can't even list my speedy cerises ??? What the ....!!!
    What should I do? now my eBay account is suspended!!! :hysteric:
    Any comments pleaseeee
    LV speedy 25 cerises-1.jpg
  2. Someone probably reported the listing. You can contact E-bay directly and resolve the matter. I heard from the my poupette web-site that E-bay is being sued by Vuitton, so they have to tighten up security.
  3. Do you have a receipt you can fax to eBay's vero program?

    It usually it takes 3 strikes to get suspended, not just one.

    eBay is cracking down on LV, do a search on it or look in the LV forum, its all over the place.