Hi Everyone! I am new here.. but bought a couple LVs...

  1. Hi there!
    I am new to the purse forum. My name is Jess. I belong to a designer jean forum, and then started liking some of the bags as well. I dont have pics avaialble right now, but just got the Damier 25 speedy in the mail from Eluxury, and bought a LV Green Epi Pouchette this month as well.
    I was surprised when I saw the size of both of the bags,. how much they hold! Glad to be here. And I wil try and take pics this week. :smile::heart:
  2. Welcome to TPF! :drinks:
  3. welcome :smile:
  4. welcome and congrats~~~~
  5. congrats on the new purchases! welcome!! :welcome:
  6. Congrats and welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :welcome:
  7. congrats, but i warn you. this place will make you want want want.
    and you will go from like bags to NEEEEEEED bags!
  8. Welcome and congrats on your new LV's. can you post pics for us? We like to drool over new LVs:yes:
  9. welcome....the damier 25 was my 2nd LV bag purchase:girlsigh:
  10. Welcome and congrats!!! LV is definitely addictive! :devil:
  11. Welcome Jess :welcome:
  12. congrats!
  13. Welcome to tPF!! can't wait to see the pictures ;)
  14. Welcome! :flowers: Hope you'll become a regular visitor. LV is soooo addictive you'll soon want more.:p
  15. congrats and welcome!! :biggrin: