hi everyone GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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  1. soliciting sales on our forum is strictly forbidden. please read our forum rules before posting further. if you don't comply, you'll be banned.

  2. OOH,hoping thats not me,I opened a thread on pre-owned diamonds and how they have an important place in todays market etc,not actually selling any or promoting anyones business,just thought it would be an interesting topic,if it is me could you clarify and I will gladly desist immediately! sincereley Chaz x
  3. ??
    How does this regard you?
    The author of this thread broke a rule and had to have their post edited.
  4. Silly me,wasn't sure what it was re-ferring to as there was on post,now I'll know what its all about next time,never come across that before! And then I won't jump to paranoid conclusions again!
  5. Chaz, I saw the original post and it was someone who was trying to sell a diamond or some piece of jewelry. Definitely not referring to you!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.