Hi everyone! First post...

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  1. I'm looking for advice :smile:

    I want something that I can bring along while traveling that will fit my camera (it's really small), my wallet and my cell phone. I'm currently carrying the D&B Medium Slouch in Patched Plaid, and while I love it....I want something easier to hang on my shoulder or across like a messenger bag.

    I'm looking at both the Coach Swingpack and the Dooney Letter Carrier bags...but I can't decide between the two!

    For those who own either/both of these kind of bags...could you tell me how much give they have and if you think the camera/wallet/cell phone would work?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Welcome Caren. I'm sorry I cant offer you any advice on either of these styles. Sorry I'm not of any help, but I wanted to wish you a welcome to TPF. Wendy ;)
  3. Welcome!!
    You may have better luck posting your question in the Coach forum.
  4. Welcome. The coach swingpack would be good
  5. Can you post pics? I'm not familiar with either of these bags.
  6. Welcome to TPF. I don't know the bags but I'm happy you joined us!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome to TPF, unfortunately I'm not familiar with any of those so I can't be of much help.
  9. welcome!!! i am not familiar with them either sorry.