Hi Everyone - Finally My Collection

  1. My husband is at work today, so I finally got the chance to go digging for all my handbags I have hidden around the house!

    I've actually found some I forgot I had!!!

    Here are my two Celine Handbags.

    My Boogie, and my Leopard Stirrup Shoulder Bag
  2. Lovely :love: thanks for sharing ^^

  3. LMFAO...thats so bad ;) ... i like the Boogie
  4. Adorable! Thanks for sharing. Glad you could sneak away and take some pictures.
  5. Leopard is cute... :love:
  6. And here are some more.

    My Bottega Veneta's and Marc Jacobs
    hbcoll009-1.jpg hbcoll020-1.jpg
  7. My evening bags

    Emanual Ungaro, Very vintage Chanel, Balley, Bottega Veneta (Its really a makeup pouch.........) Black Patent Bottage Veneta.

    The second photo is Crocodile Nancy Gonzalez.
    hbcoll14-1.jpg hbcoll004-01.jpg
  8. My Chloe Handbags!!
    Tall Edith
    Med Edith
    and Equestrian!
  9. The first photo is of my very old and first designer handbags purchased.

    The Fendi Envelope is the first one I purchased.
    I cannot remember when I got this, but it could have been over 15 years ago. The LV and Fendi Baguette maybe 10-12 years ago??!

    Maybe even longer than that! HAHA I am old!

    The second photo is all I have left of my LV's as I gave away or sold many of them.
    hbcoll013-1.jpg hbcoll21-1.jpg

  10. LOL I thought I'd have time to finish this up yesterday, but it took a long time to be approved for this forum!

    I'm up early now to post some more while hubby still sleeping !
  11. Here are two different handbags I like.

    First one is by Carlos Falchi and is OSTRICH!

    Second one is by Marni - Leather stamped croc. Looks like croc though!!
    hbcoll10-1.jpg hbcoll11-1.jpg
  12. My Farragamo's and my loan Dior!
    hbcoll07-1.jpg hbcoll06-1.jpg
  13. My Tod's, My loan Miu Miu, and my favorite right now, My Derek Lam.

    The Lam is VERY HEAVY, but I love it!!!
    hbcoll12-1.jpg hbcoll17-1.jpg hbcoll16-1.jpg
  14. My summer bags which where packed away in the basement.

    It's 5 degrees here today!

    First one is Marc Jacobs and Chloe.

    Second is Tods OSTRICH, and Chloe bracelet handbag.

    Third is Ferragamo and Pucci

    And last is my favorite summer Bottega Veneta!
    hbcoll27-1.jpg hbcoll28-1.jpg hbcoll029-1.jpg hbcol030-1.jpg
  15. And now some strays............

    First one is Kenneth Cole. Inexpensive on sale, but love it!!

    Second one is VINTAGE croc. Still has the $80.00 price tag from the 60's, and the change purse and mirror! I'm afraid to use it.

    And finally............ oops how did Marley get in here? Oops again, but isn't this one adorable????
    hbcoll19-1.jpg hbcoll026-1.jpg hbcollmarley.jpg