Hi Everyone,,Come come++clear pics 2007

  1. I keep promise. I went to LV earlier today -- talk with my SA...

    And i took whole LV 2007 catalogue. Except for men... next time soon.. This friday !!
    Happy and have fun with my thread:wlae:


    DSC08609.jpg DSC08591.jpg DSC08592.jpg DSC08529.jpg DSC08530.jpg
  2. very nice thanks is this the book in the brown binder ?
  3. Denim Patchwork 1

    I change mind after see.. the first denim pic..

    change from speedy to this one.. :crybaby: i forgot name
    DSC08606.jpg DSC08605.jpg DSC08582.jpg DSC08583.jpg
  4. Denim Patchwork 2

    bowling is here
    DSC08607.jpg DSC08608.jpg DSC08584.jpg DSC08585.jpg
  5. Polka Dot ..
    DSC08593.jpg DSC08594.jpg DSC08595.jpg
  6. Dnt knwo name the line..:p

    price :sweatdrop:
    DSC08596.jpg DSC08597.jpg DSC08598.jpg DSC08599.jpg
  7. I like ... but .. after dentelle will ban for half year...
    DSC08600.jpg DSC08601.jpg
  8. :roflmfao: this one look liek plastic bag and one more polka bag
    DSC08602.jpg DSC08603.jpg DSC08604.jpg
  9. your pictures were great to look at! thanks for sharing them!!
  10. Oh geez. I love this one too!! :nuts:

    Darnit ...now that's three patchwork bags that I want.

    What is this baby called? I need to get the name so I can get on the list for it

  11. i found out the name. Its called the Posty. its a messenger bag. Now for some reason I'm thinking that I saw this at the trunk show. I dunno.

    Guess I need to see it on.:shrugs:
  12. Thanks for posting photos ... I actually like the cuir tresse east west pm in gold ;) Can't wait to see what the woven leather is like IRL:heart:
  13. Thank you for posting!

    This one is kind of cute :love:

  14. thanks for pics!
  15. Does anyone know how much the Posty will be retailing for?