Hi everyone! A purse newbie question for all Canadian Balenciaga lovers!!plz help!

  1. after reading through some threads, I see that shops are starting to take preorders for violet and all the other wonderful colours for fall 2007..

    just wondering..being a purse addict Canadian newbie..
    whether Holt renfrew also take preorders for fall colours already?

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart:
  2. Hi miss donut -- welcome to tPF! I recently bought a couple of b-bags from Holts but found that their SAs are not very knowledgeable or helpful when it comes to b-bags. But if you have an SA that you regularly work with, you could ask him/her about taking pre-orders. I don't know what their policy is but if you are a preferred customer, they may do something for you. ;) You never know! As you read through the threads about buying b-bags in Canada, you'll find that many Canadian PFers prefer to buy from US retailers like Balenciaga NY or Aloha Rag who are more knowledgeable about b-bags, have better stock, and offer better prices. BTW, in case you don't already know, if you have a Holts Amex, you can get 25% off b-bags this Saturday. :yahoo:
  3. Yesssss! I actually went to pick up one today! I got the "shopping" in black...I lvoe the fact that it has NO zipper..so I can put big items in it! I am soo happy I have that card!
  4. Congrats woosah on your new Shopping! It's a great style and you're lucky to have snagged it! Post pics when you can. :balloon: