Hi everybody,

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    I'm looking for a new ering and really like Risingsun's Significance HOF ring :P
    I already decided to go with the Significance one. But i'm not sure how big my dream HOF rock can go since my budget for the rock (not include the mounting) can only be from 18-20k for the rock. And I prefer D or E,F color. And clarity is VVS1. I'm ok with smaller rock. But not sure how small it would be. Would the one like 1-1.25 cts looks small on my finger (my ring size is 4) :thinking: And is it a big difference between D, E and F color? Is it noticeable? Please gimme some advices!!Thanks a lot everyone :smile:
  2. a 1-1.25 is a great solitaire size :yes:
    Are you set on having to have a VVS1 stone? You realize you could get a larger stone if you slide down to VS2 or SI1 and you will NOT be able to see a difference.
    A D color stone will be very pricey in an ideal cut w/ VVS1 clarity, I'd try and find an F VS2.
  3. I would probably work for a F-G VS1-VS2 if you're willing to do that. It's really going to open some options up for you. If you are also willing to buy the stone from another vendor you can get an equally amazing diamond from a company like Goodoldgold.com to put in that setting.
  4. My ring finger size is about 4 and I have a little over 1 carat, and it does not look small, but personally I am kind of itching for a bigger center stone. So maybe go 1.25 if you can - in my opinion. I would like 1.5 carat down the road! As far as color - F is still in the colorless range and very bright white and pretty!!
  5. Oh and if you werent interested in getting the particular HOF diamond that you mentioned - you can get a pretty banging diamond ring for $18-20K elsewhere like a diamond district.
  6. thanks so much for your opinions .ur suggestions are really helpful. :ty:
  7. My stone in the significance setting is a 1.25, "I", and I think a VS1. It looks amazing. Yes, I'd like to have a better color but I'm not changing it. It is an excellent cut and I receive lots of compliments on this ring.
  8. Hokaplan, could you please post some pics? That'd be great! I tried to look for ur ering's pics but I couldn't find it. :kiss:
  9. I only tried posting pics once and was unsuccessful. Sorry but I'm a little behind in the digital/computer technology age. But honestly, all my friends say that I wouldn't notice the difference with a stone a tiny bit bigger or brighter. To the untrained eye, it is very hard to tell.
  10. I'm a 3.75 ring size. My ring is a 4, 1.23 carats. Here is a modeling pic, HTH

  11. BTW, HoF is a personal choice, but you are definitely paying the extra $$ for the design.
  12. Thanks very much Crazzee_shopper. That really helps :smile: