hi ebay telephone number.

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  1. does anybody have a ebay telephone number.:cursing:
  2. Only select members (mostly powersellers) can call. It's by invite only and you need a PIN #. If you have less then 1,000 feedbacks, then Emailing them is your best bet.
  3. Once you reach over 150 feedbacks you are given a phone number as well but you don't need a pin #. I guess the powersellers have a completely different VIP line.:buttercup:
  4. i have 955 feedbacks i am just so angry right now i probably just have it .ugh
  5. If you have a store at any level they give you a number to call, and I think they just verify that you're allowed to use it by asking for your user ID when you call.
  6. Why dont you try livechat on ebay.com, i find them really helpful.
  7. 1- 800-717-EBAY (800-717-3229)

    (they say it is for select accounts --whatever-- but give it a shot).
  8. I have the PIN too but I'm not a powerseller.

    It's weird when you think about it, that they only want to talk to you after you have a certain number of transactions, otherwise you get a canned email response. :rolleyes:

    princesslv- let us know if you were able to talk to them!