Hi - does anyone own anything in Blue Glacier?

  1. Hi

    I'm totally in love with a pre-loved bag that I have seen in the colour: periwinkle/blue glacier. I have looked on the Bal Colour thread and the colour looks gorgeous. Does anyone own anything in this colour? What other colours does it go with please?

    Thank you for your help.

  2. :yahoo:Blue glacier is an awsome color, like denim.
    One of the best blue`s in my opinion, next to blue ocean and indigo.:p
  3. ^ I agree, Blue Glacier has that denim jean quality of matching everything ;o) It's also one of those colors that looks great with the classic and giant gold hardware.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here's mine being worn with grey and white. It really is very versitile - in part because it has some stormy grey undertones. It looks nice with other blues, black, white, grey, creme, greens, reds (although that's a little patriotic for my taste), wine colours... It probably looks very nice with brown-type neutrals as well, but I don't own any of those. :shrugs:
    Modeling Blue Glacier.jpg