Hi, does anyone know where I might be able to find a red patent ergo hobo?

  1. Any thoughts are super appreciated!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. Have you tried calling JAX? I got lucky with my Ergo tote, there were only two left. You may be able to get one there! If not, check the outlets and eBay.
  3. From what I was told by my SA, these have been sold out for a long time. eBay might be your best bet. Good luck!
  4. I would not touch that damaged bag with a 10 foot pole! There is NO WAY to repair it. I own 3 different patent Ergos and none of them are showing any such wear. This bag was abused or carried by someone wearing a spiked bracelet!! :wtf: Keep an eye out on eBay for a bag that is in good condition. It will be worth the wait.
  5. Ebay, or a dept store. I got mine at Nordie's for 50% off on a very lucky day.
  6. Oh my, I can't beleive someone put a sticker on the bag and took it off, I would be so mad. This seems like a good idea but the patch is right on the front so it may bother you or maybe you can figure out how they do patent and then resurface that part or something

  7. Sorry...who or what is JAX? lol

  8. Cool! great idea! By any chance do you know the sku number for the bag you bought?
  9. JAX is like Coach Headquarters in Florida.

  10. OMGosh, I missed the part about the sticker. WHO puts stickers on Coach bags??? All I can say is YIKES!
  11. Oh thanks! So how do I call JAX?
  12. If you go onto the Coach website, the number is on the very top of the home page.
  13. I think the one on Ebay with the sticker removal, was a TPFer. I remember a thread where someone said their toddler put a sticker on their red patent ergo and it took the finish off of it.
  14. From the looks of that, she'd be better off trying to take the finish off the rest of the pocket, and having the bag with a contrasting pocket. At least it might look intentional, because I'd never carry it the way it is.