Hi, does anyone have the Alex bag?

  1. OMG, I saw this bag in Nordstrom in blue , I love it, but it is suede. Gorgeous though anyone own this bag or have pics?
  2. I am completely in love with the Alex bag. It was featured on Megs' Blog a couple of weeks ago. But at $1875 it's a little (or a lot) out of my price range.
    Although to my knowledge, the Alex doesn't come in blue suede. Only black or brown suede and a black calf version. Perhaps you are thinking of the Ayse that comes in a stunning blue suede. That one is to die for.
  3. yes the Alex does come in navy blue
  4. I'm going to Nordies today...don't make me buy this bag!!!
  5. BUY IT! :yahoo: Buy the Navy suede and post modeling pics so that I can live vicariously through you! I loooove this bag in blue, or at least from the photos I've seen. :heart: But then again, I'm a sucker for all things suede.

    Let us know what it looks like IRL! :tup:
  6. Maybe I'll take my camera and take a picture of me carrying it. I don't want to spend my Vegas money before I get there next month!
  7. The Alex is an absolutely beautiful bag. :love: It wasn't until I saw one IRL at one of the boutiques that it really caught my eye. There are pictures of this bag online, but not one of these pictures does this bag any justice.

    It comes in dark blue suede, cognac suede, black suede, black calf, black pony, and it will be released in wildcat print w/ black leather trim.

    The details on this bag are amazing -- both shoulder straps are adjustable, making it easier to wear with a coat. There is also a small buckle strap that joins the sides of the top opening. You can also carry the bag using this little top strap. On the suede bags, the top inside of the bag is detailed with color coordinating watersnake trim, and the same watersnake detailing is used on the outside seams of the bag.

    The Alex is on my must-have list for fall. However, I have not decided which color I will get -- I love the dark blue, but I already have a blueberry spy bag. I also like the concept of the wildcat pattern with black trim, but I don't know how it will look IRL (the Ayse in the same pattern looks a little too much like low-pile carpet. I would prefer more of a calf hair effect).
  8. Yeow...I saw it at Nordies today in cognac! Beautiful bag and what a great color.:love: All the other bags they had were black (Ramona, Malena-Very nice, Mahala and a clutch I didn't recongize) The Alex really stood out...but I just bought a suede Kaisia which actually looks similiar, but has more hardware(hot this year) and is smaller which I like, so I didn't score today.