Hi, Does anyone have interior photos of Paige or trust Bluefly?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new & I hope this is the proper forum. If I missed a link already here that is active/works please redirect me.

    I've searched your Kooba forums but b/c the Paige bag is older the "authentic" links are expired or they do not have interior pictures of the Paige bag.
    The department store sites (BG, Saks,NM) and the Kooba site don't have inside photos either. I also read the eBay Kooba section by christix?x.

    I have been obsessing, really obsessing. I ordered the black lambskin Paige bag 12 days ago, from bluefly.com, and it's waiting for me at my sisters in NJ b/c of taxes where I live in NYC. This is my first kooba bag & she alerted me to all the Kooba fakes & said bluefly was not always reputable.

    I know the inside should be suede or leather & read extensively about Kooba fake leather pebble vs. authentic Kooba distressed leather.

    Also should the dust bag be white or brown? Is the "waxed tip tie" applicable to the dust bag for Paige?

    But...I am feeling like I need to know what this bag looks like inside, does anyone have pictures? Dust Bag info would be great too?

    Thanks Everyone. Great Site.

    Heres the pic from the bluefly:

  2. Hi there, I have heard the same about Bluefly but I had bought the Carla in Black from Bluefly and it is definitely authentic! If you can when you get it post some good pics of the outside leather texture and the inside Kooba plate and the inside zipper pull. We will help you out! I actually wanted one too but it was already gone!!
    They either come with a brown or white dustbag-it doesn't seem to matter what style/color of bag you buy.
  3. Ooh, sorry you didn't get one! I'm glad your Carla bag is authentic & it's relieving for me to know. I'll get my bag on Friday night but I'll be with family. I'll try to post pictures over the weekend. My sister's husband plays a lot of video games. :rolleyes:
    Since I found out about the extent of the online fakes I've been stressing. I thought Bluefly was very reliable & only heard positive things until I bought the bag.
    I live in Manhattan & usually buy my bags in Flagship Stores or Department Stores. I never ordered a purse online. I think I might continue to buy my bags in person.

    It wasn't a lot, $387.00, but not dirt cheap either so I really hope it's authentic & in perfect condition. I really love that bag!

    Thanks a lot for your help & I'll get the pics soon. I have a Marc Jacobs bag waiting for me there, too. It's from Saks so I'm not worried & excited about that no matter what!!
  4. Actually, the inside on that bag should not be suede, but it is a suede-ish material, kind of like the ultra suede, that is fake, KWIM? Some newer bags have canvas linings, I think. This should be the sueded fabric though b/c it is not a "new-new" bag. My dustbags are white but they are older styles than your bag. I am not sure when the use of brown started, but it is used also. I hope others can advise you more. HTH.
  5. elizat,
    Thanks for the "heads up" on the ultra-suede. :tup:
    That confused me b/c different sites had the lining listed as leather. Every authentic Paige pic I've seen shows the lilac color; like the raison, or flat leathers... all are really pretty. I just have not seen the black pebbled bag I bought. ;)
  6. I just received my Sienna last week and its 100% authentic. It's actually the first item I've bought on BlueFly but I'm very satisfied. I also used a 20% discount that I got from tPFers that I found in the Deals and Steals forum. The Sienna is a Christmas gift for my daughter. She saw one IRL at the Neiman Marcus Last Call near our home. I even saved more money buying from BlueFly than NMLC!
  7. I have never bought anything from Bluefly, but from what I have heard, they are reputable. I believe they had an issue awhile back with having some fakes (not Koobas), but they have taken measures to prevent that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they now have a system in place to make sure people don't return fakes to them in place of real bags (like some kind of tag that is left on until the buyer decides they want to keep it?) At any rate, just post pictures when you get it and you will get good opinions here.
  8. Thanks, I am much less stressed about bluefly now and excited again to open the package! :woohoo:

    I'll still post pics of the interior b/c I'm a tiny bit paranoid.
  9. You're absolutely right! :tup: I don't believe that authenticity is an issue anymore with Bluefly. Just enjoy that beautiful new Paige when you get her! That's the one Kooba that I still have a 'hankerin' for. :drool:
  10. hi all,
    i'm shortly posting my pics in the "authenticate this forum" Kooba Godesses please take a look at my photos.
  11. That is exactly right. When I recieved my Julia from Bluefly, it had a flimsy tag around the handles. The tag said to make sure you want to keep the purse before removing it, and the tag must be intact if you plan on returning it. This helps prevent the return of fakes. The tag was not the most sophisticated security measure I've ever seen, but it's a start!