Hi does anyone have a pic of an hermes add?

  1. i really want the pic of the nude girl with ithink a birkin and a kelly covering all her bits and pieces, someone has it as their advatar, tia p.s. sorry i dont visit as much lately i rarely visit tPF and i was i bit thrown off when the double kelly tour didnt fit, i need time to get over and maybe venture back into the store
  2. [​IMG]
  3. omg thats the one thank you so so so much time to make it a screensaver on my phone
  4. hey nm.....so sad the bracelet didn't work out......good to have you back.......lots of new stock due to arrive at syd boutique in a few months.......new store opening in sept/oct - we should meet up for a shopping spree...I'm sure we can find you something to fit!!!!!!
  5. Don't be turned off by the fact that the bracelet didn't work out for you! There are many more styles and perhaps there will be a style that suits you as well that'll come out soon!
  6. Naughty, have you tried the JPG Kelly bracelet yet?
  7. nm...glad you are back...noticed you were gone and nice to see you resurface. Keep smiling.
  8. no groupie, i havent returned to the boutique get to have a chance, i recently purchased my 1st lv bag and have been spending money like water so i dodnt know if i can afford anything else designer for a while lol definatly checking the new store when it opens we should meet up kirsty