hi, do you guys think it is easy to get stain on white MC? how can you clean it?

  1. are they easy to get dirty?

    really like white MC. :P
  2. I don't own one, but my guess would be that it wipes clean with a damp cloth just like regular mono canvas. Just don't use any harsh chemicals or abrasive things to clean it that could scratch the screenprint. I hear the early ones had red bleeding onto the canvas from the lining, but those were a defect that the store exchanged or repaired.
  3. mine haven't gotten dirty so far, and i'm not always careful with my bags. but yes if it does get dirty then just cleaning it with a damp cloth should work
  4. It is a misconception that just because it's white it will get dirty easily. Not true at all. I am not super careful with my white MC bags and they are as clean as the day I purchased them. The only thing that gets dirty is the vanchetta. Once, I got a pen mark on my white MC Trouville and I took back to LV and my SA used an apple cleaner on the bag and it came right out. They are pretty easy to maintain even though they are white.

    Hope that helps.
  5. 24408631_o.jpg

    why the color is a little off for this MC, is that because of the scatches?

    thank you
  6. Mine is really dirty, but it came to me dirty - I have no idea how it got this way and magic eraser doesn't take it off. I'm guessing it's been run over a few times since no one else seems to have this problem ! :lol:
  7. No they don't get dirty easily as I've noticed :smile:
    mine seems to be holding up pretty well. and I can be clumsy at times. :biggrin:
  8. That's the colour flaking off.
  9. Guessing it got scraped on stuff alot and lots of use?
    just have to be careful where you place em :smile:
  10. The corners and end sometimes rub off when the bags are constantly pushed up against various objects. The most common object is usually a wall.
  11. I have never gotten any of my white mc pieces dirty...
  12. It looks like the rub-offs of the prints, just like the cerises, panda, groom, etc. You have to be careful with it.
  13. I get stains on my white MC all the time. To clean it, i just get a white cloth, put some water on it and gently wipe the dirt off. I haven't had any problems with rubbing the prints off doing this.
  14. Same here :yes: They are very easy to clean up.
  15. They are very easy to clean off! I was afraid when I first purchased because common sense told me white = gets dirty easily. While I will admit that it does get dirty even though I consider myself a clean freak that takes the utmost care with my bags.... it is VERT easy to clean. It just wipes off like magic! It's amazing! Each time my bag gets dirty I wipe it with a tiny tiny piece of make up wipe and its like new again! The results stun me every time!