Hi, Do we have any Victoria's Secret Shoppers on the forums?

  1. Hey, People!

    Since I live in London, I do not have access to a "Victoria's Secret" store. However, I have browsed upon their site and, like most places within the US I have noticed, are far more popular for selling smaller sizes.

    I'm extremely small and petite and therefore it is so hard for me to buy clothes that will just fit me!
    - I am no such size!

    In most cases I buy designer jeans and pay on top of that to have them fitted. I'm interested in purchasing a tracksuit from "Victoria's Secret" but they do not ship to the UK. This is a long stretch, but in my situation, it's got to be worth giving it a try, right? :sad:

    So, only if it's not any trouble, I need somebody willing to purchase this item and sell it to me via eBay and paypal. And of course I will pay you on top of the item price for being so lovely as to doing me this favor. :heart:

    Thank you.