Hi--could I ask for advice from the experts, please!

  1. I am excited after reading about the F/W bags coming out. I was inspired to get my first Balenciaga when I saw some at Saks with the giant hardware, and I am looking forward to that in silver.

    Here's where I need advice--style and color. I def want GH--I think it is fabulous. But, I am going to have a little baby in June to add to my 2 year old. I won't use this bag as a diaper bag, per se. But I need a purse that I can wear over my shoulder, access easily and not have to coddle too much. So, any suggestions on style??

    Then, color. I was thinking I wanted a brown, but the grape and blues look so gorgeous, too. How do you all feel about color for an everyday bag.

    Thanks so much! I would love your opinions! :smile:
  2. I'd suggest the mastic in the day style since you want it to easy fit on the shoulder.
  3. Hi there--mastic? I am going to have to educate myself! You visit the Chanel board, too, yes? I am departing for a while because a BBag just seems to fit my lifestyle with babies better!
  4. I believe he mastic is a nuetral brown color for the new season. There is a swatch on a thread by incoralblue, and the color looks great! Yes, I left chanel too for a spell a few months ago.
  5. hi--just pm'ed you, too : ) I have gone round and round about whether to buy another Chanel or a Balenciaga. In 10 years, which one will I still be able to carry? I don't know about the staying power of the bbag, but I really like them right now!
  6. ^^^ live for the moment my dear and get a Balenciaga!!
  7. The staying power seems pretty good, Balenciaga has been popular for a while now. I think you should try something new, these bags have awesome resale. So you can always resell it if you need to.
  8. I am going to! These bags are just so pretty--that is why I am even thinking of going with a color instead of brown. The browns are rich, but how gorgeous is that grape?? :smile:
  9. I love color and Balenciaga does them so well. There are so many browns out there to choose from. I say get color. The Day fits so much. I can fit tons of paperwork, water bottle, wallet, lip glosses, a sweater, and more. The only bummer is when I put that much in it my shoulder gets sore. It is my favorite style besides the Purse which is discontinued.
  10. I think a day w/gh is exactly what you are looking for. The new ocean blue w/silver gh is supposed to be TDF gorgeous! Good luck!
  11. Definitely a Giant Day bag...they are big and beautiful bags...just check out Katie Holmes carrying both babies: