hi coach friends- i need your expertise re: a new item...

  1. i think i'm in love with the new french purse that matches the madeline bag. however, i don't really need it now. i'm afraid that if i wait, it will not be available. (this happened to me a couple of years ago with a different wallet and i've kicked myself ever since.) do you know if this is one that will be around? also, do you have a fav. color? i like the geranium... it will go in mostly mono lv bags... tia!!!
  2. Love that wallet -- such a fun color.
    Unfortunately you can't really tell if someting will sell out -- and even if it does, it will then sometimes still appear at the outlets months later.
    Maybe some SA's at the stores can tell you how quickly it's selling? I'd def try to wait for the next PCE to get it ..
  3. Great wallet choice and color. It would definitely look great with your LV mono bags. If you're able to order the wallet now with the add'l 25% discount (valid only through Dec. 29th), get it. Otherwise, you might run the risk of not finding the wallet when the next PCE takes place; possibly March.
  4. thanks so much! i really appreciate your assistance!!!
  5. I would get it with the pce discount now.. if you don't use it you can always return it.. you don't want to regret it like the one you already do. :tdown: One way to tell is to call jax and ask how many they have.. sometimes when I call they won't give me a # but if I call right back I get someone that will! ;)
  6. okay- thanks again for your help. i think i'd rather have her and then decide...