Hi :) Check out my cute new tote w/ *pics*!

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: I mostly post over in Chanel, and dabble in Balenciaga, but I love Gucci too (which puts me in good company over here hehe)! I've been wanting to pick up this tote for a while, and finally got it a week ago at the Pier at Caesars in Atlantic City (might as well get something you can show for, rather than lose $$ gambling haha). I love the Britt line, and I think the white trim (though IMO it's a creamier, less stark white, which I love even more!) is so cute, especially for spring/summer :smile: I took a few (kinda crappy!) pictures, hope you like them! :smile:

    My new :heart: tucked away!

    My Britt taking a nap! ;)

    Britt's got the life - chillin on the La-Z-Boy :p

    Kickin it out in the hallway. :jammin:

  2. ohhh very cute :smile: congrats on your new baby! :smile:
  3. very pretty! congrats!
  4. nice size
  5. cute!
  6. Now this Mono I can get into, I love the white trim. Great tote. I love the Gucci boutique you went to, Ashley is my SA there, she is great.
  7. This is beautiful!!! Congrats on the new bag!!
  8. Congrats! Love the tote!
  9. Thanks everyone :smile: Can't wait to break it out when it's not 30 degrees haha.
  10. nice bag
  11. very nice!
  12. the white trim is gorgeous. congrats and enjoy this bag.
  13. wow! congratulations!!
  14. Very cute- congrats!!!
  15. congrats! Love it!