Hi & Chanel wallet question

  1. Hi!
    This is my first time posting, I actually just stumbled upon this forum a few days ago. I started my obsession with Chanel last summer(former LV addict). I fell in love with and bought the Cambon Reporter bag, black with white CC's. I also bought the black sunglasses with the white CC's to match, as well as the J12 white watch. Anyway, I just bought my mother the Reporter in brown with the brown patent CC's. She really wants the matching wallet too. However, I cannot seem to find it anywhere(called all over the US)! Does anyone have any ideas where I might find it?
    By the way, I am just loving this board!
  2. ack. . . very hard to find:yes:
    Have you tried NM?
    If you have a good SA, they can do a quick search of the company nationwide for you.