hi chanel ladies, can someone educate me on the cabas bags?

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  1. hi ladies! its toni22 from the balenciaga forum. i am ready to purchase my very very first chanel bag! and am doing my leg work to pick the absolute perfect one for me. I have been looking around at all the wonderful bags that you all own, and seem to really gravitate to the Chanel original Coco cabas.. the one with the distressed leather and the embroidered CC's on the front. But i cant really find any info as to when these bags were produced, which season.. I am assuming that they are all gone from the boutiques...

    Please forgive my ignorance.. i am not really sure how Chanel works.. do they tend to release a similar shape each season... with the comfortable shoulder chains? I would prefer to purchase a new one if I can.. I went down to the Chanel boutique over the weekend and spoke to a sales rep who told me that the coco cabas leather bag that i was looking for was quite a few years old already..... but i seem to think that it was more like 07.... so i am confused.

    anyway. she had this really fantastic bag she called the Brooklyn bag.. that had a very cabas shape.. it was black lambskin with patent patchwork squares on it and the CC logo on front. it was really super stunning.. around $2900. Do you guys know of this bag.. and what do you think of it as a substitute for the Original Cabas that i may not be able to get my hands on..

    I dont know enough about authenticating Chanel bags.. so i think at this price range i should stay away from *bay. I think for my first chanel i would prefer to walk into the boutique and buy a brand new one...

    any suggestions for a balenciaga girl.. and her first Chanel bag???


  2. ah!! i saw your pics!!! love that bag.. so its true. it is not produced anymore..

    your pics are the ones i keep going to back to over and over again!

    Sea, do you know when it was produced? the SA at Chanel sort of confused me.. she said that it was quite small even tho here in the cabas section i see there is the original cabas which seems quite large in peoples pictures, and then the baby cabas with the quilted bottom which looks a bit small for me. The one bag at chanel which i was considering was quite large with the patchwork patent and a cabas like shape.. do you know the one?
  3. ah.. i see.. the SA was probably right. the pictures of the Cabas are dated 2006... so i guess i am a few years too late.... oh well... i have some feelers out in my favorite Consignment shops... i guess the hunt is on!

    wish me luck!
    Hey. can someone give me a few authenticity tips on the cabas? is there any really obvious thing to look for to spot a fake? thanks!
  4. i bought it last year, but i think the original coco cabas in vinyl and caviar leather was produced in fall 06?

    this is the orginal coco cabas (with big CC stitched and no quilt bottom)
    comes in caviar leather, vinyl and denim
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and then, there's the baby cabas which is smaller, have no CC stitching but have a diamond quilted in the bottom part

    and then the season after i think, comes what we call here as big baby cabas which is about the same size as the original coco cabas BUT comes with no cc stitching though comes with the diamond quilt on the bottom, the chain handles are braided, different from the original coco cabas or the baby cabas

    for comparison of the original and baby, i have the pics :

    and here's me with the original and the baby for comparison

    and i think u meant the brooklyn cabas like this :
    there's 2 on ebay now

  5. Great pics Sea, thanks!!
  6. Sea! thank you thank you! that is exactly the info i was looking for! your bags are over the top fantastic! i think i am in love with the original cabas! i missed out on one over the weekend a taupe one that was listed, but wanted to do my proper research first to make sure i knew exactly which bag it was. So the Chanel SA that i spoke to was right... it seems.. the original and the baby cabas are around 2006.. then last year they did another one which seems to be what you referred to as the big baby cabas..

    thank you so much for pointing out the chain difference. makes it easy for me to tell which is which..

    She did have the Brooklyn cabas in two different sizes at the boutique. I did like the bigger of the two.. but it was pretty big, and sort of wide.. and i think because of the patent , it probably would hold its shape and not slouch like the original leather ones...
    but it was pretty cool... she had a few, so i can think about it for a few days..

    and the ones on ebay are over retail.. at the boutique the bigger brooklyn cabas was 2900 around there.. not over 3k.. so i could snatch that up if i want a brand new bag... The SA also said that chanel releases a similar style every season because the original cabas did so well,,,, i could also see what might be next to come in this shape, but the patent might be a nice change for me after all these bbags that i have...

    then i could also go for a totally different jumbo flap classic! now that would be so different for me... ah the possibilities.. and i do love the 255 reissues!

    a million thanks again!!!

    xo toni
  7. [​IMG]

    this is the one that i saw in the Chanel Boutique..

    what do you think?

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  8. Hi Toni & welcome. :tup: I also wish that I had the original vinyl Cabas. :sad: Oh well, maybe someday one will turn up. I don't know if you have heard about the XL Rodeo Dr. I think that the XL is only sold at Chanel boutiques & not department stores, but I don't know for sure. Has anyone seen the XL size at department stores? I know many of department stores have the large, but it is only 13X13, & I don't think that is large enough for the style. Here is a pic of Emma with this bag. :love: Good luck.

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  9. okay Sea.. one more question... are you tiny?? the baby cabas might be a great size for me too...would you say its like a balenciaga city size, or a work..

    i think to me from what i can tell, the original cabas is more bal weekender size. the Brooklyn Cabas that i held in the store was definitely more weekender size....

  10. yes! i held this bag at the boutique on Saturday.. they had it in a few colors.. i held a black one, and a silver one...

    it was very very pretty, but seemed very long to me... I did really like it, but felt that i would dig around in the bottom all the time looking for my stuff..

    i did really like the chain at top, and the extra shoulder strap.. it was super pretty.. :heart:

    good look looking for a patent cabas.. the SA said she gets a million calls to this day about that bag. its a tricky one to find i bet..
  11. thanks for the welcome! i do like that XL rodeo drive bag.. love the picture!

    hmm.. might have to go back and hold it again! the outside zipper compartment is pretty cool too for cell phone. i am sort of addicted to my Bal bag outside pocket for my phone....:smile:
  12. Good luck with your search toni. seahorseinstripes your bags look so good on you. I was just thinking about the baby cabas yesterday because I bought one in black a long time ago but it is still in the box in my closet never worn. I was wondering if it is too late, if it was still in style or already out of style. I still like it though. Such a beautiful bag.
  13. toni, i'm 5'4" and 42 kg
    the baby cabas about the same size with the city, but def fits more stuffs.
    but the original coco cabas is comparable to weekender.
  14. Toni I love the new cabas. I think I like it better than the old one!!
    I think you should buy the one at the boutique.