hi chanel gals! missed you...i'm back with pics :)

  1. hi to all!
    i took a long 4 month break from posting to gain some balance in my life.;)
    i still lurked quite a bit, but in not posting it really gave me more time to do so many of the other things in life i enjoy. i spent more time with family and friends, vacationed with bf, worked out more,and caught up on lots of reading!
    i also weeded out most of my collection of bags. i realized i'm not a collector, i'm a user of handbags. i felt overwhelmed and then guilty when i would not use something.
    sold tons of lv, a fendi, a gucci, an mj bag and even some chanel.
    every piece in my very humble collection now serves a purpose.
    to celebrate going 4 months without buying and selling off so many bags, i did indulge in the latest egc on thursday.:graucho:
    i included pics of my collection and my new baby, the timeless classic tote in black.

    i wanted to thank all the lovely gals that pmed me to check on me over the last few months.:heart::girlsigh:
    a belated welcome to the new chanel lovers. i look forward to posting with you and getting to know you all!

    on to the pics!
    first my wallets, key case, then my weekend/evening out bags, then my pochettes and one clutch, and last the entire collection.
    the new bag and modeling shots are in the next post!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. HEY GIRL!
    Missed ya!
    FAB collection!!!Hope all is well!!!!
  4. Nice to see you again Mick!!! Great pics! I love everything! You have the perfect mix.
  5. Your newly "weeded" collection makes a lot of sense. I love every bag in it, esp the grey reissue and VL tote. The new bag looks great on you!
  6. It's so nice to see you posting again! :tup:

    You were definitely missed around here! Thanks for starting off with a bang again and sharing with us pics of your collection. LOOOOVE how every single one of your bags has a specific purpose - I think that is truly key to a very well-rounded and well-thought out collection! :flowers: They're absolutely lovely!!! :love:
  7. Nice collection! How good of you to find the balance again! Nice to meet :biggrin:!
  8. you're gorgeous.. and I love your room..

  9. Hello, I'm a newbie to you but have seen many of your pics - you're an inspiration to aspiring Chanel addicts :yes:

    I love your family and love all of your new goodies! I too am a user, not a collector, and have felt some sadness about some of the bags that I returned. But they also keep coming out with more!
  10. Mick, I have been lurking too and the forum wasn't the same without you. I am so happy to see you BACK!!! YOU LOOK FABULOUS! More fabulous than even those fab bags... what a lucky boyfriend you have.
  11. roxana and mg dinosaur--thank you and lovely to meet you!:welcome:

    sunshine--thanks for asking for me awhile back.:heart:

    jill and jadecee--thanks! nice to "see" you guys again!

    ldldb--thanks. it was tough to weed out, :sweatdrop:but it does make the most sense for me.:yes:
  12. annie--hi sweetie! great to see you! and thank you.:shame:

    fan addict--oh yes, there will always be the next beauty --takes away some of the pain of letting one go, right?:okay:.....thanks and nice to meet you!
  13. Welcome back! Your collection is lovely and your new buys are beautiful! Enjoy them all!
  14. Love your collection! Both you and your new bag are beautiful! :yes:
  15. Hey Mick,

    Welcome back!

    Great bag collection.

    I also recently purchased the classic timeless tote. I got it in red.