Hi. Can you help me decide which Chloe....thanks!

  1. Well first and third are a lot bigger than the middle one if size is a factor but my favourite is the second.
  2. I like the second one the best too.
  3. One or two, think I like two the best.
  4. the first one
  5. I like the second one best.
  6. I like them all but the first one is my fave. It all depends on what YOU like - not us - LOL!
  7. I like the color on the last one.
  8. my vote goes to the first :tup:
  9. The rabbit ears of Bay number two aren't in your face as much as one and three? I guess it's because it's a smaller model and the square tabs are missing from the handles. It's the mixture of square tabs and ears that turns me off from Bays in general. BUT not the case for number 2??
  10. number 1- its gorgeous!
  11. third! third! third!
  12. 2nd!

  13. Same here...
  14. I like the last one best - beautiful color!