Hi can anyone help with the difference in the bags please?

  1. Hi gals, I'm completely new to Balenciaga, I've just hopped over from the Chanel forum <waves>

    Anyway, I have recently fallen in love with this gorgeous bag I saw a lady carrying. I think it may be a City bag but not sure. I have tried to do some research but ended up quite confused. Can any of you nice ladies help me with this?

    1. What is the difference between the Classique and the City bag?
    2. Do the above fall within what is known as the "Motorcycle" bag?
    3. How many different kinds of "Motorcycle" bags are there out there?

    Thank you sooo much!! :p
  2. Hi!

    Welcome :heart:

    The classique is a smaller bag than the City, but they look similar apart from the size. They are both "Motorcycle" style bags.

    Check out this excellent page from the reference section for a lot of info/pics on other styles of the Moto bags and non-moto bags, too. hth.

  3. Hi! Thanks a lot for clarifying :smile: