hi :) Brand New to BV-My first 3 accessory items :)

HI everyone! :smile: I have loved the look of BV forever but never thought i would own anything!
I know these are just accessories but i had to share since I am so in love :smile:

I hope to eventually own a bag but they are way out of my price range for now :smile:

I bought all 3 of these from the BV outlets (the wallet from woodbury) the others from cabazon

I bought them all within 2 weeks of eachother :smile: thats dangerous!

:smile: So
first my wallet, it is beautiful i got this from woodbury its a wallet that is only sold at the outlet they make them for the outlet with non metal zippers. He said the leather everything is exactly the same except the zipper and as far as i can tell hes totally right :smile:
the price was amazing and i figured as my first BV it was perfect i love it
the color is called Sienna he told me
it comes out looking orange in pictures but its not at all its a deep reddish orange brown haha but i think red/brown when i see it not orange ;)

next ladybug coin purse :smile: YAY!! I have no IDEA what to do with her-anyone who has 1 what do you keep in it
but shes the cutest thing ever!:yahoo:
**not sure why one of her spots looks dirty but it isnt its perfect :smile:**

and finally the sweetest little coin purse ever my little pink lady!
I love that its lined in such rich leather, ive decided its my quarter purse because with the bus and meters, i always need my quarters seperate

flash kinda made it look lighter then it is, the family pic shows the color better



Oct 21, 2007
Vancouver, BC
Welcome to the BV obsession! I didn't know BV made outlet-only items... I learn something new every day!

I have a ladybug in red and I keep - wait for it - coins in it!! I also have a tan fish, though, which I had no idea what to do with once I got it, but wanted to carry it anyway... So I am keeping a plastic bag in it just in case I get stuck in the rain and want to protect my bag.


Sep 21, 2006
Hi there, congratulations to your acquisitions and trust me, this won't end here!:smile:
I started off quite a little like you. After buying my first Veneta, having not much $$ after that, I still had to acquire more and so had bought a few pieces of small accessories after that (a wallet, a cosmetic pouch and a key pouch), and yes, all within a span of 2 weeks too!

I have the same wallet as you, but mine's in Ebano and I must let you know, it gets softer and feels more luxurious with each passing day. My wallet's been with me since one year ago and it's still looking very strong and new and I'm still smitten with it till today! :heart:


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Jan 28, 2007
Hey Bessie, nice to see you over here. :smile:

Congratulations on your purchases, they're great! I'm envious. :drool:

I'll be joining the BV club too, by the end of April!


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Mar 18, 2007
What cute and lovely choices, congratulations!! The pink ladybird is so adorable (you got a really good deal, no?) and I have been eyeing on the little coin case/key ring thingie too!

So BV does make the outlet only items..., interesting...
thank you guys so much :smile: I feel so welcome already! stophle! nice to see familiar names around too :smile:

I still dont know what to use my ladybug for!!! but i want to use her so much

the little pink one is perfect for quarters i have 7 in there now :smile:

I just got a new camera case and i want a BV case for it :smile: haha not camera case just a BV something to hold it in OYY! :smile:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I've never seen the ladybug in pink (poudre?)--very cute! Nice little coin purse charm in Quarzo--I think it's amazing that they have a leather lining. and the wallet is a classic. Great beginning for your BV collection!